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Mk1 vs Mk2 Standard Speed Coverage on Alexa 3.2k

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Looks like Mk2 covers 3.2k Alexa:

Though corners are soft on the 16mm.

Do the Mk1s cover? From what I have seen the 16mm does not quite and absolutely does not if you use a filter or step up ring.

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I have a set of mk1 standard speed lenses in Arri Standard Mount.

I’ve used them many times for super 35mm film without issue. I’ve never used them with a digital camera though. I expect that their performance is quite similar to the mk2 lenses.

The mk1 lenses are very small and do not have gears for follow focus. You would need an adapter to PL mount to use them these days. And you may need a machinist to make focus and iris gears for them.

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Thanks, Bruce. I read a bit more and it sounds like optical design I believe is the same between Mk1 and Mk2, but the housings cause a bit more vignetting with Mk1, so perhaps they are not appropriate for 3.2k Alexa after all. 

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