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How strong is polyester base film?

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Of course it might be dependent measurement, I want to hear others experiences.

While making some experiment, I made some print stock with Orwo pf2(black and white), which I understand polyester stock. Indeed I am very impressed its durableness in general also after I glued some parts with superglue. So I wonder how much polyester base stable physically and chemically and to make some experiment if there are any feasible way to manipulating film more chemically rather than physical method such as tinting, destroying emulsion layer..so on. It seem I need to play with negative (acetate) then move to print stock is the way to go but want to ask others in case.

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yes, try to snap Poly film, and you will likely hurt your hand instead.

Polyester base Microfilm is rated to last 500 years or more. 

Polyester is resistant to most chemicals.  and can take a lot of heat before it melts.

you can play with the emulsion chemically, although it is a similar gelatin coating to that found on acetate base film.

One person who used to be associated with Ilford noted that they had a jam on their coating machine while coating some Polyester film, and the machine had to have Bent and Broken Steel Parts replaced.


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