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The Producers (2005) Cinematography

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I fell in love with this movie despite its shortcomings. It's a fantastic film that I feel is one of few to do stage productions well. I'm really enamored by its production design and its lighting. I'm so in love with how its lit up. It screams out big, bold, flashy, and dare I say... cinematic? 🤭 I can't help but acknowledge its high key/high contrast look as well. Everything from the lens choice and the focusing to the camera position and its movements really serve the purpose of the story well. It feels like I'm sitting as an audience in Broadway.

I have a question though. Why does it have two cinematographers?

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This film is a remake of the 1968 Mel Brooks production which is much better. John Bailey was the original cinematographer and had a falling out with the director.

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