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  1. There is a sale pending for the core adapters. The collapsible core is still available.
  2. Hi Stephane , i wondering if you are still interested in the cores . They are original Arri. I will try and post some photos regards, Tim
  3. Hi, im not sure what they are worth but they need a good home . They are original and I would charge extra for postage which would not be much. 100$ for all 3 ?
  4. For sale are 2 origional 16mm core adapters and 1 origional collapsible core. These are not 3D printed but are OEM. I’m open to any and all offers. Regards, Tim
  5. I have for sale the following filters : all filters are 4x5.65 except for the Polar which are 138mm 2x 85 set ( 85,85n3,85n6,85n9) 2x ND set (nd3,nd6,nd9) 2xLLD 2x81EF 3x 138mmPola 1.5 stop compensation All the filters are Non IR the filters are 65$ each and come with a case and free shipping in North America when purchased as a lot. If purchased separately the filters are 150$ each and buyer pays shipping. Regards, Tim
  6. Hi Vincent, What you are looking for is an accessory to the Scorpio Fiz unit that was manufactured in the late 90s. Although the units are out of production there are still many out there. We used the tracking device with great success on the film Antlers.
  7. For Sale two Preston Dm1 motors. These motors are quite and used for iris and zoom functions so they are in good shape. 500$ each or 850 for the pair. Buyer pays shipping. Regards, Tim
  8. Hi Scott, Thanks for the interest but the unit is no longer for sale. I think I posted that it was sold but I better double check. Regards, Tim
  9. For sale, Preson HU3. This HU3 is is very good condition and comes with 5 marked rings, 1 blank ring , microforce cable and bracket. It has never been subrented or consigned through a rental house. I’m asking 5000$US. Regards, Timothy
  10. For Sale, Preston HU3. I am the original owner and it is in very good condition and come with the micro force bracket, cable and 6 rings (not pictured). The unit has never been subvented or consigned to a rental house. the asking price is 5000$ USD plus shipping.Regards, Timothy Preston HU3
  11. Hi Frank, I think you are making a few assumptions here. In 1987 I assisted Ronnie Taylor, BSC on a movie called The Experts.Ronnie who had shared the cinematography Oscar for Gandhi used K35 or Canon lenses as they were referred. Ronnie had his choice of anything and he chose K35 with a BNC mount on Panavision G cameras. Ronnie had used K35 several times and Dick Bush like Ronnie would have had a choice . In the 1980's the choices of Panavision spherical lenses were either super speeds, ultra speeds or Z series nothing great when compared to the late 1980's release of the Primo series. K35 and other older lenses became popular at the same time digital cinematography was growing. During most of the 1950's Panavision was a manufacturer of projection lenses.
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