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  1. This film is a remake of the 1968 Mel Brooks production which is much better. John Bailey was the original cinematographer and had a falling out with the director.
  2. I used the Elaine in 1988 on a series and from an assistants point of view a good camera. It was a mini Panaflex with a slightly less complicated Mitchell movement. It was quite compared to its competitors, easy to reload and assistant friendly. Only 26 were ever produced.
  3. For sale single owner/user Teradek Bolt Pro 300 2:1 system with accessories. Asking 1750 USD including free shipping within North America. No reasonable offer refused. Regards,Timothy
  4. Hi Stephen, In regards to the Cinetape there is now a much better tool on the market called the CineRT manufactured by Focus Bug Technologies. The CineRt is a set of tools built into one unit that can do amazing things.
  5. New price 1900 USD including shipping .
  6. For Sale, 1 Teradek Bolt pro 300 1:2 transmitter /receiver system. this kit includes the following: 1-transmitter 2-receivers 2-bnc cables 3-D tap to 2 pin lemo power cables 1-AC adapter assorted European and Asian power adapters 2-1/4:20 light stand adapters system software upgrade cables 1- pelican style padded and water proof case I am asking 2200 UDS including shipping OBO thanks, Tim
  7. This Preston DM 1 motor is a spare and has been used infrequently during the past couple of years. I am the original owner have had the motor serviced while Preston was still servicing the DM 1. I am asking 1100 USD and shipping and Paypal fees are included.
  8. Hi Edward, Sorry the item is not for sale anymore. I thought this post was closed. If you are still interested in a Cini Remote I might know someone that has one they don't use. Contact me if you are still interested. Regards, tim
  9. This motor has been used infrequently the last couple of years as it is a spare. It was serviced while Preston was still servicing the DM1. I'm asking 1350 US including shipping and Paypal fees. Regards, Tim
  10. In 1987 I was the 2nd AC for Ronnie on a very forgettable movie starring John Travolta called 'The Experts'. Ronnie was a true gentleman and a talented cinematographer who had many stories about his career. He had saved the call sheet from the funeral procession scene in Gandhi which was one of his first days after taking over from the ailing Billy Williams. The scene was shot in one day with 4 operated cameras and a lock off and 500,000 extras !
  11. Hi Andrew, Yes it is. Are you interested ? Regards, Tim
  12. I"m reducing my asking price to 1200USD OBO , shipping included. New , the upgraded Cini Remote is 3025.00 CDN. This is a great addition to a Cinetape and Preston. Regards, Tim
  13. for sale, Cini Remote Reader and Display manufactured by PLC Electronic Solutions Ltd. This unit is a great addition to the Cinetape or Sniper. 1500 USD obo, shipping and handling included. Thanks, Tim
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