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Replacing the felt band in ARRI 16ST magazines

Fabian Schreyer

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I recently had a look at my ARRI 16ST 122m magazine and realized that the glue used for the felt band had become brittle. So the the band became loose and also there was glue residue (brown crumbs) everywhere in the magazine. For now I just removed the band and and cleaned up all of the residue. I think I can use it as it is by just taping up the magazine every time I use it. 

My question: Does anyone have a recommendation on what material should be used for replacing the band?


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Since I made that post I had a good look at many eBay auction pictures as well as YouTube videos of people showing their cameras. I am under the impression that the felt is gone in almost all of the magazines that I have seen so far. Probably people removed it the moment it failed and never replaced it, as it works well without it. But that is just my guess.

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