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Viewfinder problem?

Joerg Polzfusz

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In my last Single8-film, I shot various signs - all centered in the TTL-viewfinder like this:

However, when projected, the signs are all on the left like this:


(simulated images, not from the actual film)

Any ideas?

Could this be the projector’s film-gate (as the projected image is smaller than the recorded one)?

Or is one of the mirrors to the viewfinder misaligned?

(Oops, yes, maybe I should inspect the film under a magnifier. But I cannot do this before Wednesday.)

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Hi, if the images projected are not centered...then they are not centered on the film.  The tolerances for projectors is such that there is a small amount of cropping of the frame in the projector gate.....but it's even all around the film. If there is any bias, it will be on the sprocket side of the film...but it would not be that severe!  You didn't mention which Single-8 camera you are using.  The simpler ones that are not SLR in design will be be very accurate......but you state TTL, so I'm assuming it is an SLR design. I would suspect that the viewfinder alignment is off center.   Depending on which model, this can be adjusted/fixed on most cameras.  To double check alignment quickly without using film.....shine a bright maglite or similar thru the camera's gate. Set the camera up on a tripod and near a piece of typing/inkjet paper A4 size, so close to it.....place some aluminum foil over the pressure plate in the camera to help reflect your bright maglite or pocket light/torch into the lens.....run the shutter.....and observe the illumination of the frame on the paper.....and compare this with the viewfinder.  If they are not in alignment, you will see by how much.  Until you are able to repair this, use this offset for composition if you continue to use this camera.  I wish you best of success!

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The problem is also on the film (see attached image). ☹️ I will try the „camera as projector“-hint the next days.

Thanks for your hints


P.S. The base of the attached image is shot with my smartphone without any magnifiers. Hence it’s so unsharp. ? The yellow and brown lines are taken from Wikipedia‘s Super8 vs. Regular8 image.


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 I finally managed to do the „camera as projector“-test. After inserting some fresh batteries and putting the smartphone’s torchlight at the correct position in the film chamber, I was finally able to see a faint image on the sheet…

This is the result: the outer lines indicate the projected area, the inner lines the visible area in the viewfinder. The „triangle“ with the 1 inside is the viewfinder‘s  underexposure indicator. ? (And yes, there’s a Hypergonar8 attached to the camera. ? The slightly tilted rectangles are caused by a minor misalignment of the Hypergonar, of the placement of the camera and me and my daughter accidentally shaking the tripod.)

As you can see: The visible area is smaller than the projected one. Whether this is by purpose (safety area or Fuji’s cost saving) is unclear. BTW: the right lines are approximately parallel and hence constantly 2cm apart, while the left lines aren’t parallel: it’s 1,5cm on the top and 2cm at the bottom.

Is this 0.5cm difference (inner top left corner‘s horizontal distance to the outer rectangle) the explanation for the filmed titles/signs not being centered?


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