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Canon C-8 Wide Attachment 43

Levi Boldock

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I recently shot some stuff outside in daylight on Kodak Vision3 200T using a Canon 514XL with the C-8 wide lens. Now this might seem like a silly question, but does using a wide lens attachment reduce the overall quality of the footage? I feel like the footage I shot looks okay, but maybe could have been better without the attachment. Or am I mental? 

I'm wanting to shoot some stuff with my Canon 310XL, but now I'm not sure whether to use the wide lens or not.

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The attachment turns the camera into a fix focus one. When shooting outdoors on a sunny day, you should not notice any difference. But when it’s cloudy or worse, then you might notice a difference.

My main problem with the attachment is that the camera‘s focus and zoom have to be at the correct positions (infinity and outermost macro on the 310xl). But everytime I am getting the camera out of the bag, something rotates. And when I forget to check this, the next scene will be out of focus… ?

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