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FS: ARRI Arriflex 416 / 16SR Fiber Screen Ground Glass - 2.39 Ratio

JJ Walker

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Have an extra for sale: ARRI Arriflex 416 / 16SR Fiber Screen with 2.39 ratio Super-16 markings. Professionally made by an optical specialist in Los Angeles, USA.

Price is 900 USD.

ARRI never made a 2.39 ratio fiber screen, so I had this custom-made. Compatible with any Super-16 ARRI SR or 416 camera. Format lines are chrome deposits that catch and reflect light from an ARRIGLOW module.

Price is set for labor charges (630 USD) and cost of donor glass. It comes wrapped in a microfiber cloth inside a plastic case. Shipping worldwide for 25 USD.

Photos: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fV3uDqEWAnYK_9Y5hrmU4XCToTZaL0l1?usp=sharing

Message me if interested, thanks.

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