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  1. To add to this topic, here's an email I received from Julie:
  2. Panavision explains the 2-perforation format in great detail here: https://panalab.panavision.com/sites/default/files/docs/documentLibrary/2Perf Explained.pdf
  3. Did Colorlab lower their rates? When I checked with them last year, 16mm processing (with prep and clean) was .22/ft. Scanning to 4K ProRes was .42/ft. That puts the total at .64/ft, so $256 + $197 (roll) = $453 + tax/freight. They mentioned not having student rates and that everyone gets the same rate. Let me know if that's changed or if I'm missing something. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Webster. I've been in contact with Pavan, but unfortunately he is missing the 9mm optic element for his Viewfinders and can't find them. -jj
  5. Hi, I'm seeking an Ikonoskop A-Cam SP-16 camera kit for sale. Or, I'm open to any parts available, such as the 9mm Viewfinder that came with the original kit. Perhaps someone who converted their camera to a reflex finder may have an unused 9mm Viewfinder to sell? Feel free to message or email me: jjwalker.work at gmail dot com. Thanks, -jj
  6. Edit: I misread lab costs in my earlier posting. Anyways, Kodak raised price of 16mm stock this year, but not 35mm stock.
  7. No, there is no need for any other accessories, including the Riser Power Base. (I don't think they made one for the 416.) Only the On-Board Battery Adapter is required.
  8. I sold all my OBB-2 batteries and chargers. The money I got back nearly covered the cost of purchasing the Oppenheimer ARRI 416 Battery Adapter. Now I can power the camera with V-Mount batteries, and thankfully, can sleep well at night.
  9. I suppose this same complexity afflicts the Arricam LT, as well. Indiecam in Austria makes an HD Video Assist for the LT, priced at 11,700 EUR.
  10. Hi Attila, I'm looking for Ultra 16 lenses, not S16 Super Speeds. And that price is... Well, I'll just say I'm not interested. :) -jj
  11. Thanks, Robin. I was aware of that set and previously submitted an offer. I'm still looking. -jj
  12. Hi Attila, I'm referring to the Super 16 lenses. -jj
  13. Hi, I'm looking for any ARRI Zeiss Ultra 16 lenses for sale. Seeking a set of five or six lenses. Feet markings. Open to single lenses. Preferring in this focal range: 8, 9.5, 12, 14, 18, 25mm. Feel free to message or email me any offers or leads. jjwalker.work at gmail dot com. Thanks, -jj
  14. I'm curious about this, too. Can anyone enlighten us?
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