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Arriflex 16S Turret Light Leaks

Ivan DImitrov Alexandrov

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I’ve seen on my Arriflex 16S that when pointing a lens mount open with a torch, light will leak through the turret inside walls.

Is light leaking from inside one lens mount to others like is shown in the photos normal? Ofc I will not shoot with the lens mount open like in the photo. But im worried if for example I have two lenses, that the lens im not filming with, sitting in the turret, without lens cap, will leak light into the film.


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That's normal. With a lens or a body cap fitted the mount should be lightproof. Then the only place light can enter is through the rear element of the lens. The internal surfaces should be painted matt black to prevent any reflections. I would still cap the other lenses though, or use a body cap if there's a vacant mount.

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