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Eclair NPR super 16 value

JB Earl

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I'm trying to find what a reasonable value is for this Eclair NPR Super16 package. In nice condition and running
PL and C mount
Tobiin crystal motor TXM-14
Video tap
the good Angie viewfinder
3 mags
Canon c mount adapter and 50mm, rods
2 bescor battery belts (won't hold charge))
2 pellican cases
I'm in NE Pennsylvania

IMG_8780 copy.JPG

IMG_8773 copy.JPG

IMG_8779 copy.JPG

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Clearly that is worth $5.  Where do I send the check? ?

I've never seen one of those Tobin NPR motors before, that's really cool.  I have a motor which looks and works much like it (even takes the same external speed controller!) but is probably a clone by Electro Optical House rather than an actual Tobin.

I've often wondered how they deal with the added distance with the video tap - is there some sort of compensating lens in the straight (non-beam-splitting) path to make the optical distance end up correct again?

What do the lens mounts look like in detail?  How did they carve away the body to fit the PL mount?  How did they recenter the C mount?

What does the focusing screen look like?

The eternal question: what, exactly (if anything) was done to make the mags work better with S16?  I'd love to finally hear the definitive answer on that, even if it's only inferred from looking at some mags that come with a S16 camera.

SO, you should have no problem selling that, even if you don't fall for my $5 scam.  But we'd all love more detailed pictures of stuff before it leaves your hands.  (Or once it gets into the hands of some lucky other person here.)  If you're hitting the picture limit on posts, you can email them to me (PM me for the address) and I'll post them here, since I'm a subscriber and have a higher limit.



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Here are the additional photos.  The questions I've asked in my post up there could possibly be answered with detailed close photos (like some you've already done!) but of those parts - lens mounts, focusing screen, etc.  I've had decent luck aiming a smartphone camera into 16mm camera viewfinders, with the camera having no lens and pointed to a light source, resulting in a picture of the focusing screen markings.  It can be tricky to get the camera lens aimed straight into the VF so there's no vignetting but it can be done.
















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