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  1. Thank you. I should have mentioned, I’m hoping to find a source in the US
  2. anybody know of an easy-ish way to get wire scrims for Strand/Quartzcolor instruments? I need 325mm...
  3. whatever you do, forget about the Neewer stands, you will be sorry. Think of some used Manfrotto, or Calumet, or Lowel kit stands.
  4. last time I looked the replacement lamps for those were very expensive. I have a couple source4 HID instruments that I used Coollights daylight lamps in. They worked very well. I don't know if they are still available. At this point I would recommend an Aputure 300D or equivalent though over that Arri
  5. I've run a couple hundred watts using an inverter on a car jump start battery. Not elegant but it works and it's cheap. There are some "power packs" that are big batteries with inverter built in.
  6. Thanks I may have to try the Zircons. I do some gaffing where I'm unfortunately stuck with daylight only LED. Anything better than the current situation will help.
  7. Has anyone had luck coming up with gel sets for adjusting color temp on good quality daylight LEDs? I know straight CTO won't work right. Is it worth the trouble to test adding +G -G cyan etc?
  8. I've used the 300 D and Dii a bunch. They're very useful, but not quite up to a 575hmi, prob more like a 400. of course the HMIs can do a much hotter spot. plenty of accessories, though they're a bit clunky. That said, I wish there were some low budget mats that could match the output. The ability to tune color temp on the fly is necessary now, and often we're in really tight spaces where the mats are far easier to work with. the key with mats is don't roll or fold them
  9. JB Earl

    Sony Tech Support

    I will now, thanks. I just sent in on the website form before.
  10. JB Earl

    Sony Tech Support

    Is there a Sony rep here who can help me get a software tech support help? I've sent 2 requests on the Sony website, and have had no response.
  11. the flo starter trick works great, especially if you need a bunch. You can also get flicker boxes with variable control for around $100 that will run a few hundred watts. https://lightsalive.com/controllers/miniflicker2-microflicker.html
  12. usually use a Hi Hat. You could try one of those "risers" with a bowl, mount it to a board. What head do you want to use?
  13. You don't actually need a REAL window or light to motivate from. Just pretend there is one out of frame, and be roughly consistent with it. You need the director's cooperation so you can work your coverage around where you motivate your light from (of course you can cheat it some) So how did your project go?
  14. you'd often want the 12x on exteriors, and there's no way the Scrim Jim frame will hold up to wind.
  15. I'm looking for recommendations on a good circuit finder. Mainly for finding separate wall circuits, not breakers.
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