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  1. Looking for suggestions on a case or wallet that has good protection for FOUR 4x5.65 filters....
  2. yes ripstop can come in at least 4 flavors...calendared, uncalendared, dwr, waterproof, and i don't know which is the right match for regular rags. what are led textiles?
  3. it's called ripstop nylon also in other industries
  4. I'm having similar problems, looking for a larger tie down for a Ronford tripod. O'connor emailed me that their 100mm tie down is OD is 63.5mm. It has an M10 thread x 1.5p I think manfrotto is 3/8-16
  5. the tie downs on all my 100mm balls are too small for my Ronford 100mm tripod bowl. Any idea where to get a bigger one? needs to be bigger than 2-1/4"
  6. Any LED or other Continuous light will let you see what you are creating, you don't need a fresnel for that. Are you okay with long shutter speeds? You won't get nearly the power you are used to with strobes out of most LEDs
  7. I have a "vintage" Oconnor 30 head (similar to the 50 but with variable counterbalance). It's a great head, except for the pan handle which is a royal pain... I'm thinking of cutting the handle and welding an Arri rosette to the end of the part that goes into the head. Then using a matching rosette to fit the handle. Any thoughts on whether I'll have any problems with this?
  8. Good chance it was a Zip light.... so small but non specular
  9. what Satsuki said. and not just for flicker reasons...
  10. JB Earl

    DIY Dimmer?

    I’m pretty sure that re-lamp draws less than 400 watts AC And the transformer is built-in. so it’s 110 V going in. It will work just like a Quasar and you can use any AC dimmer for it. I’ve used a harbor freight router control to dim them
  11. If it will always be completely locked down, then any head that will hold a large format still camera should work fine. We used to use the majestic geared heads for big heavy cameras, but you’ll have to adapt it since they worked on 2 inch diameter post. You can occasionally find them with a 3/8 thread in the bottom If you need a cheap solution for an ok fluid head in that range Try the Manfrotto 510, 516, 526.
  12. Cool Lux made a small zip light like that, I had thought about using for an obie. Been looking for the perfect instrument for a long time. I like the mechanical dimming on the Arri.
  13. so it sounds like there is literally no solution for GFCI use when we just want to use a small HMI in the backyard, plugged into a 20a residential outlet?
  14. thanks for the detailed info Guy. I looked at the manufacturers you cited, the only product I could find that is appropriate to what I'm doing would be the one by Lifeguard, https://www.guardiangfci.com/products/lg20-line. I use the Voltec https://www.voltec-industries.com/copy-of-04-00103 for extremely small projects involving a couple lights. I haven't had a problem with them tripping (yet). Typically I'll plug in a parcan or a couple litemats/panels. I appreciate your thorough explanations, but can you give a non-electrician comparison of these 2 devices, and a dealer for the LG20 if you know of one?
  15. Phil, I use some inline 20 amp GFCI's that are commercially available (120v) made by Voltec
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