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Lens selection quandary (Zeiss vs. Cooke Kinetal)

Skyler Carrico

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Hi all,

I'm gathering equipment for a documentary project I'll be shooting with my ACLII and am curious of peoples thoughts on a lens quandary I've been struggling with...

At the moment, I have only a TS to Arri-S adapter and a Zeiss 8mm Arri-S lens which I love.

I'd like to have additional prime Arri-S lenses in the 12mm range and in the 16-18mm range. The best options seem to be:

Cooke Kinetal 12.5mm + Cooke Kinetal 17.5mm

Cooke Kinetal 12.5mm + Zeiss 16mm

For consistency I'd love to stay 100% Zeiss but there seems to be no way to get ahold of a combined Arri Bayonet+Standard mount... Unless miraculously, anyone here might have one they'd be willing to part with. 

So my question is, how different aesthetically (i.e., in terms of "look") is the Cooke Kinetal glass compared with the Zeiss glass? Assuming coating/haze/fungus etc. are all in equally good shape, would switching between scenes shot with each render noticeable differences aesthetically? Would I be better off trading out the 8mm Zeiss for a 9mm Cooke, so as to have a full Cooke set?


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