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Sekonic Disassembly

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Hey Folks!

I’m wondering if any of you have had experience disassembling the L-608 combo meter? I’m dealing with a foggy inner prism/optical flat (I'm guessing here) and wondering if it can be cleaned. 

I’ve already reached out to Sekonic directly and they told me this meter isn’t serviced by them anymore… I know WTF.

If there are any 3rd party service options in the Los Angeles area i’d love any recces.

Thank you!

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I had an old Minolta Colormeter that I wanted to calibrate and the only place I could find after scouring the internet was this place in LA:

Quality Light-Metric, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., #550, Los Angeles, CA 90028. 323-467-2265

It’s a few years ago now that I called them to enquire so I’m not sure if they are still around, but if they can fix and calibrate Minolta meters, chances are they can clean a Sekonic.

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