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400 Jo-Leko vs Dedo 400 with spot attachment?

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Hi all,


Im looking create a top down spotlight in a room for a commercial - Usually for a spotlight I'd go for a something like an Aputure 600d w/ the spotlight attachment but in this use case its much too long and beefy of a fixture and we want to rig it above frame line with relatively low ceilings.

A 400 Jo-leko would be perfect in terms of output however the rental house in the UK doesn't have them up north (shooting outside of London).

They are suggesting I use a dedo 400 with the spot attachment which sounds like a good idea, as there's no time and budget to do tests and I haven't used it before - I was wondering how these compared in terms of output? I can't find a comparison with foot-candles or output at similar distances online

Any help much appreciated, thanks!



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