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  1. Pre Cut sheets that fit the windows is not real world 🙂 Are these true expendables? Do they actually pay for the gels?
  2. Long time ago and only with the Lowel DP 1000watt. They do indeed need to be made from a heat resistant fabric, even then Lowel had a warning: Warning: To prevent damage to umbrella, do not focus to spot or half-spot position as scorching of the umbrella may occur
  3. Ed Conley

    DIY Dimmer?

    That box is way too small for 2000 watts. A 2k Dimmer will set you back $100.00 bux just for the dimmer. Then you'll need a 4.5"x4.5" box to allow space for the wires and air flow.
  4. usually 3200... BUT they do make a daylight globe https://5677cadf-d0ad-4a48-ad6a-af07cca6e276.filesusr.com/ugd/446933_75de7da2f07d4cb3b5951c14a7282a4d.pdf
  5. here are the "Classic" lights you are referring to, seen in the background on a lot Music Videos: https://www.mole.com/fays-pars
  6. Guy, do you have a link for Shock Stop 60-100 I can not see to find them
  7. What kind of GFI are installed on portable generators? They look the same as the ones on the LG520
  8. But the LG520 that Kyle linked is UL943- at least they state it is. https://www.guardiangfci.com/products/lg520
  9. This certainly got confusing. Guy, you claim that the Kay Lite lunches does not satisfy the GFI requirements but it is UL listed UL943 by ETL ????
  10. That looks the same exact product that is in the kay lites link. Edit: ** It is the same product, Manufactured by AC Power Kaylites' description: Manufacturer AC POWER Guardian's Description: "Our friends over at AC Power helping the Bender team out doing what they do best! "
  11. I think it is Manfrotto 190go! M-Series 4-Section Twist Lock Aluminum Camera Tripod,
  12. Correct- but you then have to instal a receptacle. the cut out for a 120v/240v14-50 Range receptacle is a lot bigger than a 5-15 20amp 120v receptacle. Also- the wires for a Duplex 20amp receptacle are only 12g. There is no way to convert that circuit that uses 12g wire to handle more than 20amps unless you run new wires that can handle the new load. Common Range circuit is 6 gauge wire and a 14-50 (50amps) and a Dryer: 10g wire and a 14-30 (30amps) Now for a 4k or 6k HMI you'll need adapters to go from bates to those two Nema receptacles. For a location it is not practica
  13. Yes- I understand but if the panel is set into the wall how are you going to run wires to a 240v bates connector? You would be lucky to find enough power in a sub-panel. Even if it was a surface mount panel there is still no easy way to get in there and run appropriate sized cords out the side or bottom of the panel. You are still getting inside a panel and move wires around in your scenario. Too much hassle.
  14. Not really. It would be a Tie In and seriously needs someone who knows what the heck they are doing. It is just so much easier to have a 250/500 amp generator delivered the other option is using one of Guy Holt's set ups where you utilize a 240v Oven outlet or a Dryer outlet. For the wiring you did at the cafe I hope you only installed a 20amp Double Pole breaker and not a 40 thinking that the two 20amp 120v circuits wil get you 40amps.
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