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  1. sounds like a wire has come loose and is making contact with the metal housing but not making a Ground Fault , which should trip the Circuit breaker.. Not good. Do not continue to use. That rattling sound- is it more of a buzzing?
  2. maybe their claim is using two batteries.
  3. No problem. It is just a battery. I think the Forza runs for one hour on a 150WH V Mount battery. Buy a similar Solar battery/generator or one with more watt hours.
  4. Just curious, you have some photos of these lights?
  5. https://flagladyusa.com/single-strap-black-web-parade-belt.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwxev3BRBBEiwAiB_PWH0DjChjKoYP8hglc8JetPQIybP2s4x5ySFPJZ0LuC26HcQHK2edkBoChhgQAvD_BwE
  6. Hey Eric, I have a boom pole, china ball with socket ( no LED globe though) and a pole harness if you want to borrow it to test out the lighting. The harness is just one of those parade flag holders that one wears over the shoulder and the pole rest in a pouch at waist level. best to text me 323-640-3183
  7. hang a length of 2x6 from the existing eye bolts. screw in some eye bolts to the 2x6 and then just secure to existing eye bolts. As JD mentioned the two eye bolts are on different planes but just build up the 2x6 on the left side to match the right plane. You can add a 2nd safety cable through the wall eye bolt and around the 2x6 for added security.
  8. Wooden Nickel stocks the Joleko 1600 set up for rental.
  9. I think you'll have problems with the color temp of those metal halide lamps in the tower. better off using tungsten work lights , if you can still find them since most have moved to LED.
  10. Other options Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium pricey though @ $1,800.00 Great option for LED lighting - Has a LED display showing remaining time to battery "runs out" Will run a -SkyPanel s-60 for about 2.5 hours @ Max Power(Plus or Minus) - SkyPanel s-30 for about 5 house @ Max Power (Plus or Minus) - Kino Flo Select 30 for about 15 Hours - LiteGear LiteMat for 6+ hours - Litepanels Astra 1x1 for 13+ hours http://www.castexrentals.com/view.php?cat_id=3&sub_id=114&item_id=1001&search=goal zero
  11. Just an FYI on block batteries: Block Battery S600 Battery About 2 hours Plus of run time on Skypanel S60 (Skypanel runs at 1/2 power) Block Battery S600 Battery 48Volt Adaptor for Skypanels About 60 Plus minutes of run time for Skypanel S60(At full power) S600 Battery required. Block Battery 2F1 (2) with 28.8 Volt adaptor About 35-40 minutes of run time (Skypanel runs at 1/2 power) Block Battery 2F1 Battery Belt About 50 to 60 minutes of run time (Skypanel runs at 1/2 power) http://www.woodennickellighting.com/Public/rental/lightingrentalpackageframe.html
  12. 50' length . Contact Paladin in Hollywood for 50' Bates as well as a 60amp snack box.gang box. 1001 N. POINSETTIA PL. WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA 90046 US Phone: (323) 851-8222 Contact: Darrin Scane 2019 purchase: 50' 60amp bates : $188.00 60amp gangbox : $232.00 Shipping might break the deal on price but you are probably going to have to ship in the SC cord anyway.
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