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  1. hey Adrian, This is what I got from my guru: Arri: High Speed Mode The High Speed mode generates flicker-free light for High Speed shootings. High Speed Mode has been tested up to 25.000 fps and down to 2° shutter angle with no flicker or roll bars. The intensity is fixed in High Speed mode. The only settings are 0% (black out) or 100% (full intensity). In High Speed mode the settings for low end mode, tungsten mode, effects and PWM frequencies are ignored.The operation modes CCT, HSI and GEL are available in High Speed Mode. When modifying a parameter the SkyPanel perform
  2. Looks like a spinning wheel gag. Cut out a round piece of wood and then mount the Small Aputures to the board. Spin the rig on an axle mounted in a c-stand.
  3. Now you can request powder coated parts on yer stands for identification.
  4. This is for a commercial shoot? Out here an Astera Titan 4' 4 light kit is $150.00 Single tube is $45.00 How much they charging for the rental in Denver?
  5. Pipe is designed to hold pressure and the ID is given because one also needs that dimension to calculate Volume. The Schedule naming also lets you know the thickness and that indicates the pressure the pipe can hold. Tube is structural so the OD matters when fabricating.
  6. SS isn't really that much stronger than standard steel. The main benefit is its resistance to corrosion. It is also more prone to mucking up the threads and snapping bolts. I prefer a bolt to bend rather than snap off :0
  7. Gotta be a place in Miami that can sew up a flag recover- I can't imagine all the grip shops sending stuff out of Miami to get repaired/recovered.
  8. Pre Cut sheets that fit the windows is not real world 🙂 Are these true expendables? Do they actually pay for the gels?
  9. Long time ago and only with the Lowel DP 1000watt. They do indeed need to be made from a heat resistant fabric, even then Lowel had a warning: Warning: To prevent damage to umbrella, do not focus to spot or half-spot position as scorching of the umbrella may occur
  10. Ed Conley

    DIY Dimmer?

    That box is way too small for 2000 watts. A 2k Dimmer will set you back $100.00 bux just for the dimmer. Then you'll need a 4.5"x4.5" box to allow space for the wires and air flow.
  11. usually 3200... BUT they do make a daylight globe https://5677cadf-d0ad-4a48-ad6a-af07cca6e276.filesusr.com/ugd/446933_75de7da2f07d4cb3b5951c14a7282a4d.pdf
  12. here are the "Classic" lights you are referring to, seen in the background on a lot Music Videos: https://www.mole.com/fays-pars
  13. Guy, do you have a link for Shock Stop 60-100 I can not see to find them
  14. What kind of GFI are installed on portable generators? They look the same as the ones on the LG520
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