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  1. https://dedolightcalifornia.com/collections/dlh400-400w-hmi https://k5600.com/products/joker-400w-jo-leko-kit
  2. As JB mentioned you can try some regular household LED or a Ring light kit might work for you https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Dimmable-Lighting-Portrait-Shooting/dp/B0784SSRZS/ref=sr_1_8?crid=2IUHSHKAU2TI3&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.YxZACVePuI4fPU6rei1dVVPAGg4dEZn7LPeyF6Kn0giIatfpp1tOZv5wnbUfv-ol5v-4thQBUwnuSBQDUu-zzIrvDDRtFXHYOP8Oah9NiQsyRNluKZArGaJ6iUSsTuKEQmgsENZf_F1z-C10_1D5bn_NXKw3TkKcx9aIkvjDYQoWrNnF3x1AVO57lZvbT7fmSdv0bQ6l-2F9UwMV-qo5Jmjs1kbxbkr0ZRO1ZPSJjiY.Za3gF8hKjof3hNYeuF9OM-J6ZmBk5K57n7AbYMuWAhI&dib_tag=se&keywords=LED+ring+light+photo+lights&qid=1705438981&sprefix=led+ring+light+photo+lights%2Caps%2C124&sr=8-8
  3. there is an Aputure group on FB that has lot's of info and examples of set ups. Might be worth look
  4. I think he wants the lighting look of on camera flash/strobes not the actual fx of strobe/flash.
  5. You don't need to tape the gel. Just use a spray bottle application and then you can Art department the distressed windows. peel off the gels after the shoot. here is an example using ND gel.
  6. Modern Studio Equipment sells bags separtely and when you order a rag it comes with a bag. https://modernstudio.com/products/storage-bag-medium-black?_pos=11&_sid=acef8eb37&_ss=r
  7. #4 White or Black sash cord
  8. From the linked article: 'If you’re a keen gardener, then you’ll probably want a PAR meter instead. They’re more expensive, but they specifically measure the wavelength of light needed for plants to photosynthesize." the article is directed at Grow operations ?
  9. Yes, V Mount batteries work but... Aputure 600 series requires 2 14v batteries just to get 1/2 Power.
  10. at 600 watts , can't see V Mount batteries being that useful though. 240/300wh batteries are $$$ and you'll get less than an hour of run time. same problem Aputure has on their lights even though they accept V Mount batteries.
  11. bring it over to our shop in North Hollywood- we can figure out something. No charge. Screaming Broccoli Inc.10840 Vanowen St.North Hollywood, CA 91605 323-640-3183
  12. Doubling up on Diffusion will not make it Softer-
  13. use a 5k 240v lamp and then wire up a twistlock to match the generator. https://www.bulbamerica.com/products/osram-54553-5000w-tungsten-halogen-64805-cp-85-t19-g38-mogul-bipost-240v-3200k?CAWELAID=120150920005559929&gad=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0tKiBhC6ARIsAAOXutmSVGd3KTdng_O5NSeRyRpAqrgQY1P7ILwQXOEFwJXasiSOyOg45goaAtsjEALw_wcB
  14. Try here. http://galaxylightingrepair.com/?fbclid=IwAR1ppfuHp1c9YYNo-I_11XwEGHH5W3Q_JykKyBj5zYP5XLEHU2nvd6cYKZg
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