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  1. Out here we have a product called a Night Gray Muslin. I have a client heading to London and they want to try and source one there. https://laraghouse.com/product/night-grey-dura-muz/
  2. yup. That stuff is used to mount signage. It will stay stuck for sure.
  3. https://www.cabletiesandmore.com/cable-tie-mounts-nylon?gclid=CjwKCAjw7--KBhAMEiwAxfpkWDtmNQ-A8IkEnIHVYdBUmoGIIj1uNrw7Dfjch-YBw5vGRZrhg-aFgBoCSbkQAvD_BwE
  4. https://modernstudio.com/collections/clamps-clips/products/flat-plate-double-grid-clamp another set up.
  5. https://modernstudio.com/collections/rigging/products/cheese-plate-3-8-slot-and-2x-1-1-4-slider-brackets-hood-mount One way.
  6. Yer in a pickle here. In between a practical and fixture rules. Technically the cord would need to be hard or extra hard usage as it is now more of a lighting fixture, but even 18/3 SJO cord might not fit through the lamp's metal tubing. How are you going to mount this on set/location? There are Quick On or Snap on lamp cord connectors you can put on the end of the existing cord so that you'll have a 2 prong edison plug that can plug in to a dimmer.
  7. http://www.screenlightandgrip.com/images/porta-grid.gif http://www.screenlightandgrip.com/images/portagridfrontpagealt.jpg The New Drop Ceiling Hanger http://www.screenlightandgrip.com/images/dottrans.gif
  8. http://www.screenlightandgrip.com/html/slg_home.html You have to click on the link, then look on the left side of the page, scroll down to Portable Grid System. then on THAT page look on the left side " As NOT seen on TV" and scroll down to Click for more info about this and other productions using the Porta-Grid System
  9. Balance is not the issue: The issue will be possibly bending the steel tubing if you go over the 10kg max weight at max extension. For a sliding boom like the 650 a bent extension will need to be replaced as it will not slide in to the other extension once it gets bent. Same as a bent riser on a stand. Menace arm set ups are great because there are no sliding extensions.
  10. We put about 5kg on the end of the Superbooms regularly and those are rated a little less in capacity. You'll be fine with the 650 Jr. boom. The counter weight that comes with the 650 boom will work good , no additional weight needed.
  11. It's not at the full extension though. This is a Jr Boom not a Mini Boom; the tubing is bigger and can support a sturdy child when not extended.
  12. would a narrow cheese plate work? https://modernstudio.com/collections/plates
  13. We carry the Scrim Jim kits in rental and they survive 🙂 In our rental stock we carry: 4x6 Cine kits 6x6 Cine Kits 8x8 Cine kits. I assume you would be getting this kit: https://www.fjwestcott.com/scrim-jim-cine-dp-kit I don't have anything good or bad to say regarding the Roadrags as we do not stock them
  14. Interesting. The Harry Box tech handbook states that all 12k and above are now PFC but this is Fourth Edition 2013 Edition. How old is the ballast? anyhoo- the "excess" power returning on the neutral matters because in a normal load if all phases are balanced then there should be no load on the neutral but w/o PFC things get weird and the neutral will see excess load and you need to factor in this extra load when sizing the cables and the generator. It still maters when using house power too. On 240v the excess power still exists. With a .7 PF 30% of the current does not cancel out. You'll notice on the spec sheet 12,000 watts Line Power 18,000 VA Nominal Current 72amps @ 250v So that ballast is a power hog since the PFC is so terrible or non existent according to Arri. looks like if it had a PFC of 0.97-0.98 it would be 55amps @240v Ref: Set Lighting Handbook Fourth Edition Harry Box
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