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  1. Looks like is can use NPF batteries? Battery Plate 4 x Sony L-Series (NP-F) How much run time do you get using 4 of the $ony NPF batteries? Or even an off brand NPF battery. How much is a little 1000w or 2000w generator cost in Germany? Cost of petrol?
  2. What is a Euromount? Got a link/photo? Just curious.
  3. You can see the back of the Kino in the top of the image.
  4. Phil, In the USA though. https://www.castercity.com/plate-caster-model-3/
  5. maybe this place/ https://www.topperindustrial.com https://www.mhlnews.com/archive/article/22045182/hand-brakes-can-replace-carts-foot-brake
  6. is this cart really for rocks? 800-1000lbs? A muscle cart with just 20 25lbs sandbags is 500lbs. I wouldn't want to be manhandling any cart more that using Grip cart pneumatic tires/casters. But if you do, your options are the casters with brakes built in to the yoke or build the hand/foot lever brake system used on grip/electric carts where a bar presses against two of the wheels.
  7. get yerself the ol Kiev 88 modified to actually work https://www.hartblei.com/product/kiev-88-camera-kit/
  8. Nothing wrong with what yer doing.
  9. never had any problems with the Lowel DP or Omni lights- and that was in a rental environment too.
  10. Hi Ryan, if you need a genny op familiar with setting up safe power around the pool lemme know. We did a few shoots over the years for Speedo swimwear with Hydroflex lighting and the Shock Blocks.
  11. https://hydroflex.com/equipment-rentals/lighting/ they have linear LED and Skypanels now.
  12. Find a local welder who can fabricate a custom cage out of aluminum. Don't see it as being too difficult.
  13. The old tried and true Monopod is an option as well. Certainly not quite as agile
  14. Matthews has something similar: 2-1/2" Double gag https://www.msegrip.com/collections/grip-heads-arms/products/grip-heads?variant=15226067320898
  15. That Mamiya RZ strap mount is pretty specific. I imagine you'll have to find an extra Mamiya strap and figure out some way to attach it to a ReadyRig bungee cords or any of the other brands out there. You are certainly on the heavy side with all the accessories attached to the camera.
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