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  1. theses don't work? https://www.adorama.com/clbztp120sb.html?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=adl-gbase
  2. same principle applies: label the bag. Both sides and label the bottom of the bag if you have to. also label each rag on all four corners.
  3. How much does the bucket angle change when you lower the condor? Seems like a simple rope hanging down will get you back up to the height you were at. level on bucket rail for angle. Dunno, I don't work up in them.
  4. Aluminum baking pan with broken pieces of mirror in it and add some water to the pan.
  5. Strain Relief https://www.elecdirect.com/cord-grips-strain-relief
  6. I didn't even notice that the Matthews one only had two T Screws. All of ours have four and are longer as well. Good catch.
  7. LA Rag House has them now too. " Introducing our "New Perforated Black/ White Bounce Material"❗❗ . . • This material makes it feasible to bounce light in some breezy conditions not possible before. • 1/8” holes every 2” allows the wind to go through without billowing and with virtually zero light loss. • The reversible black/white material is perfect for bouncing or negative fill. . . Now available!!! Contact us: 📞 818 276 1130
  8. I've only known them as Wind Bounce for reflector/bouncing light https://www.globalbackings.com/product-page/silver-wind-bounce Cutting down the light: Single nets, Double nets. https://www.globalbackings.com/product-page/black-double-net-1 Black Sharkstooth https://www.globalbackings.com/product-page/black-sharkstooth-net
  9. ed@screamingbroccoli.com shoot me an email and I can send some photos.
  10. I think you'll hit weight quickly on a Class 3 truck GVWR of 10,001–14,000 Remember that is the Gross weight. Base truck weight plus the box, liftgate and gear- it adds up quickly. When they advertise payload they are not including the box since each truck could have a different box on the chassis. Isuzu advertises a Class 3 NPR diesel with 7,500 payload. How much does the box and liftgate weigh ?
  11. The Studio/Back stage carts are nice but $$$$$$$ for sure. I would check into hiring a local welder to make a carts. The only thing that might be out of their realm would be the brake mechanism. I could send you detailed photos and measurements if you decide to check it out. It's all common steel
  12. "Ed, do you have an opinion on Backstage vs Studiocarts?" Either brand. We have Backstage and Studio. Purchased one Backstage new and then just scooped up other carts off CL when available.
  13. Try this link. https://www.palfinger.com/en-us/products/liftgates/models/ilk_p_2760 most user friendly but probably the most expensive too. Tommy lift Rail gate works too but as JD mentioned you want it as wide as the truck.
  14. here is one from Matthews Studio Equipment. 1-1/2" https://secure.johnbarry.com.au/mse-matthews-studio-equipment/matthews-studio-equipment-ear-for-1-1-2inch-pipe-mat-319642 I like these better since it doesn't require an allen key/ hex key tool to tighten it down.
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