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  1. C-Clamp w/ jr mount. https://modernstudio.com/search?type=product&q=c-clamp
  2. Older fresnel but BM is still in business- although they have moved on to LED Technology. http://www.bmlighting.com/new/about-us/
  3. Hmm. The Mole and Arri or any of the open face blondes and Redhead style lights--they have reflectors behind the globe and might have a better punch than a Triolite globe. Triolite might fill the front diffusion better though. kinda 2 different animals.
  4. Actually with Tungsten it is pretty straight forward on the wattage/amps and since they are dumb lights, no electronic circuitry to add to the mix of figuring out power. But people often forget to check out the continuous running specs on generators. Although the Honda 3000 bills itself as a 25amp generator *** that is for only a short time: running less than 30 mins at full amp draw. In reality it is only a 2800w generator. 23.3 amps of available power. The specs for the Honda 3000is : 120v 3000w max (25amps) and 2800watts continuous use (23.3amps) Anyhoo- yes you can run a 2K Tungsten on a Honda 3000is. 2k tungsten pulls about 16amps. If you are going to run it out on a long stinger get a 10g extension cord that plugs into the 30amp Twistlock receptacle.
  5. two separate stingers would work- then it doesn't matter how you plug it into any available receptacle except making sure the two outlets are on separate circuits. One in one room one in another. Most room receptacles share the same CB, so even if you plugged into a receptacle on one wall and then used one on another wall, you might trip the breaker- if you really are pulling 20amps per stinger.
  6. let's put all the gear in front of the Fire Extinguishers :0 :ph34r:
  7. The 2nd problem you have is your Y-Splitter you made to use on two separate receptacles. Since you are connected to two separate circuit breakers power will not be completely shut off if there is a fault on one receptacle. This leaves a false sense of safety because people think power has been shut off on both sides
  8. You can overload the neutral= bad. The 14-20 only uses one wire for neutral and it is only sized to carry 20amps. When using it on a 14-20 plug on a 14-20 receptacle it is not a problem because you'll end up with about zero on the neutral so the Neutral can be sized for a 20amp load. Technically it is not 2 Phase- it is 240v Single Phase SPLIT in half. Power on each half basically cancels out the amps on the Neutral. Example 1: Hot Line 1= 20amp draw Hot Line 2= 20amp draw Zero amps on Neutral Example 2: Hot line 1= 20amps Hot lne 2= 10 amps Neutral = 10amps BUT when you use the same "Phase" it adds up. Hot Line 1= 20amps Hot Line 1= 20amps Neutral is now carrying 40amps. Hot line 1= 15amps Hot line 1= 10 amps Neutral = 25amps
  9. From my Skypanel source when I need to sub-rent: "We always reset our Skypanels to factory settings which means the frequency rate would be the highest when units go out. If flicker was visible on a scope or monitor, you would toggle through frequencies until image was stable. You would have to have an awful lot of information about the specific camera, shutter angle/speed, for any numerical value to have any meaning. In the end, you would still have to evaluate on monitor or scope. "
  10. the manual doesnt list a frequency rate: "You can change the frequency in the fixture menu. Change the frequency, when you recognize flicker when in the camera picture or by your eyes. The default frequency is the highest frequency. You can change the frequency in 10 steps. Frequency 1 is the highest frequency, while frequency 10 is the lowest frequency setting."
  11. I think he is asking what the rate is at 1 and at 2 there are 10 to choose from.
  12. The amperage will depend on the voltage input of the ballast. I'm assuming you are here in the USA and that ballast will most likely be using 120v and a 60amp bates connector. You can make an adapter. On the 4 prong twist lock you'll only use 3 of the pins though. NOTE: Please know that using the Honda 7000, the specs for continuous use are lower. 5500watts. Continuous use is 30mins or more for the Honda generators. 120/240V 7000W max. (58.3/29.1A) 5500W rated (45.8/22.9A)
  13. Westcott Scrim Jim kits are another option. We have a few in our rental inventory and are nice because they break down to fit in a small carry case. Surviving the rental world pretty good too. https://www.fjwestcott.com/shop/light-controls/scrim-jim-cine Another grip/fabric shop is Modern Studio Equipment https://modernstudio.com Modern has an Instagram and FB page and they have Monday deals - They just had a deal on a 6x6 frame. Cool to deal with on the phone too. (The Rag Place is a good shop as well )
  14. I imagine you could mount 3 Pneumatic casters to a piece of plywood and then secure the normal tripod sticks to it- to see if it would even function the way you want.
  15. I think you'll run into problems with a 3 wheel dolly on rough terrain-even with pneumatic tires. probably be ok on cement sidewalks and parking lots but with low boys and an HMI head, using stands with pneumatic wheels, it is still precarious when moving those lights. I can't see it being much different with a camera on a wheeled tripod. just my thoughts.
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