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  1. Put a wood back on it and then mount a baby plate on the wood backing. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/doc/assembly_instructions/floalt__aa-1898942-5_pub.pdf They are designed to be placed up against a wall so just treat the wood backing as the wall.
  2. Looks like an S-Type accessory adapter. I'm not familiar with that type of attachment.
  3. That looks like just an adapter- where is the part that the softbox wands stick into? Pic of Dedo light?
  4. Can you provide a link to the speedring?
  5. can you post of some photos of the ring and how it mounts or is supposed to attach using tape to the Dedo head?
  6. Google "Wheel Chair Camera rig"
  7. Kino Tunes will not be a problem The Quasar tubes are different- I don't believe they will work as a direct replacement for office fluorescents.
  8. Just need the speedring that fits the Light. Softbox with a Fabric grid to control the spill. Dedo makes their own Octa softbox too.
  9. By the time you find a speedring for the Lupo LED and the cost of a Godox softbox- You might as well just buy a Lupo Softbox.
  10. I give up too. let the sparky run the camera and the director can run the electric. send the grips to get crafty and the PA can run the arial lift.
  11. he is a director. 🙂 No Camera operator was told to not touch the camera.
  12. No one told the camera operator to "not touch" the camera. In this instance the assigned camera operator couldn't work the camera.
  13. I send out Goal Zero Lithium batteries with Skypanels too. Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Will run a -SkyPanel s-60 for about 2 hours @ Max Power(Plus or Minus) - SkyPanel s-30 for about 4 house @ Max Power (Plus or Minus) - Kino Flo Select 30 for about 10 Hours - LiteGear LiteMat for 5+ hours - Litepanels Astra 1x1 for 10+ hours
  14. Do you already own the Cine VCLX battery? If you are looking to purchase a battery set up: Contact Block Battery https://blockbattery.com Image of Dual battery set up. https://www.adoramarentals.com/p-~bbs60bkit/BLOCK-BATTERY-48V-KIT-FOR-SKYPANEL-S60
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