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How was this hall lit? (Blue Jean, 2022)

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Hey guys ! 

I'm trying to light a hall with ambient light, similar to the still I've attached from the film Blue Jean. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for this type of lighting. Are there any lights outside the window? Or is this all natural?

For our shoot, we're trying to create ambient blue hour in the hall, so everything will be a lot darker, but interested to hear people's thoughts.



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Kubrick did a similar thing on stage, and I think today you have a choice of tools.

Budget not withstanding; you can but a bunch of 12-light maxi's out the windows, perhaps with some blue gel to cool the color; 18k's or your choice of large fixture with diffusion over the window.

You could choose an LED mat very close to the window, and then raise the ambience from inside.

You could bounce real sun into the window with mirrors and diffusion depending on the weather.

I would definitely choose one of the first options, large lights from outside. That way is always consistent.

One can argue about tenting the windows, but so long as you don't see out them, the changing day ambience shouldn't matter too much, unless you are forced to shoot with a very sensitive camera.

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Hate to say it but to me that just looks like they walked into any school sports hall on a dull, overcast day and shot it under available light.

Possibly it's something to do with the fact that my earliest memories are of environments like that.

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