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Skydive Camera

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Hi everyone, 

A bit of a neiche question. I have an upcoming shoot where we have a shot of someone jumping out of a plane. The camera operator is of course a professional certified skydiver with a helmet that you strap a camera onto. My question is, has anyone shot anything like this recently that's not with a GoPro?

The first thing that they said was a RED Komodo which I guess is because of the global shutter but does anyone have any experience with a Sony FX6 or FX3? Would the FX3 be better or worse because of its internal stabilisation? 

The skydivers mentioned that there are a lot of vibration during the freefall. 

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

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@Albion Hockney Can you make out the camera and lens? The lens maybe looks like a Signature Prime but i doubt they would strap such a big lens.

What do you mean by in camera stabilisation, IBIS or use gyro data from the camera to afterwards stabilise it like they do with the FPV drones?

I am actually also wondering if the rolling shutter on the FX3 & FX6 would be a problem?

Of course all this has to be tested out but I was hopping that someone has had some experience with this before I go ahead.

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