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Simulating the eclipse

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Hey all!

I have a movie coming up in which I need to simulate a total solar eclipse.  The scope loosely involves the following:

two types of shot- 

One camp which embodies the light gag of the sun slowly being eclipsed- and the very specific quality of light and shifting of light that this brings.

and one camp which embodies the sun in total eclipse.  

I have a feeling that these are my two camps as technically they probably will need to be tackled in different ways.

within these camps, some of the shot ideas are:

- Mediums and closeup work on talent watching.

- wides of rooftops in a suburban environment, with some sky visible in the frame.

- ECU inserts of something that the sun creates speculars on.

- Wide shot composite showing the sun itself in eclipse with landscape around.  

I have my stylistic approach in mind but I was wondering if anyone had their own insight into the process of selling this type of effect photographically - any references are welcome and any thoughts!  

so far the best example I’ve seen is the Eclipse sequence from apocalypto but I’m sure there are many more out there.  

all the best,


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