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Bolex MOS projector

Aliaksei Zuyeu

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Looking to buy mos projector to play my 16 fps 16mm footage on bw reversal stock from my bolex. Reading on bolex collector site I found g16 model that shoud have 12-24 fps motor instead of 18-24 of more modern projector, and gears not belts. The model is currently on ebay for 200€ shipped.

anyone hai expirince with this projector?

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I find the G overengineered, impractical, and geometrically absurd.

Although of fine workmanship the mechanism is heavy and noisy. Ventilation not so good. The film canal is of such design that you can remove the pressure plate but the other half is not accessible. You need to wipe through with bottle brushes. You can’t inspect the corners. The long canal is detrimental for splices that are only little askew.

The positioning offset, i. e. the distance between the transport claw and the optical axis, is too long, far from any camera’s and printer’s one. For best image steadiness the geometries of the devices should match. Your camera positions in the perforation hole +3.

Else the lens receptacle diameter is obsolete.

There are better silent projectors available for less money.

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