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ARRI SR / SR2 T-bar - Unknown tap mounting thread

Valentin Meneveau

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Hi everyone,

I have recently bought a second T-bar to be paired with a c-mount camera to be used as an HD tap on my Arri SR2. (Picture 2)

However this second T-bar, although identical in it's shape / structure, has a different mounting option for the camera  / CCD mount.
My previous model had a protruding male c-mount thread (Picture 1), but this current T-bar only offers a loose female threaded ring (Picture 3), which seems to be designed for older CCD modules.

Any idea what this thread could be, and how to convert it to a male c-mount?




1 - C-mount on my first tap:



2- 2nd video tap



3 - 2nd video tap mounting thread:


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