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  1. Hello everyone! I've been lurking this forum for ages, but it's the first time I ever post! I recently acquired an Arriflex 16BL and it's been a lot of fun to figure out how it works. I've learnt a lot! I also recently purchased a Schneider 25mm f/1.4 Cine Xenon, which is listed in the manual as a compatible lens, but I've so far been unable to mount it on the camera. Although I can slot it in, it doesn't lock in place and I don't want to force it too much. I'm also afraid of it sliding off if I tilt the camera slightly. Is there a trick to how it's done? I've checked the lens and compared it with other listings on eBay, and it doesn't seem like it's missing anything on the back part. I've attached a picture of it to this thread. Thank you very much for your help!
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