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Electric Kodak model E 16mm?

Gareth Blackstock

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So while I was looking in a second hand shop at cameras I came across a Kodak model E.  When I looked closer at it, I noticed a few odd things.... it has a power cable...... it has no speed selector, no winding handle or cavity in the casing for a winder to be inserted, and no run lever.  It has no special mounting lugs, like may be used if it was mounted in an aircraft or mounted as a security camera... really odd.

I remember I saw a Bolex advertised once that was similarly 'bare bones' and the seller stated the camera was an early speed camera that was activated mechanically.  

I am half tempted to buy this camera just to examine it closer... perhaps a 12volt Kodak model E would be quite useable?

There is a paint stamp on the front of the camera 'AN z225' perhaps a local camera shop that modified the camera.

20240321_113226 40per.jpg

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No, I have never seen a Ciné-Kodak Economy with an electric motor but the US government grasped as much of cine material as it could from 1942 on. Eastman-Kodak seems to have complied with enquiries. No idea about tension. Spiral cord is younger, 1960s.

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