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Euphoria - Texture in the bokeh

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Hey guys,

I'm in the process of filming a project in Germany and would like to follow the camera work of Euphoria S1, with lots of emotional lighting.
I only have an Alexa Mini, so the depth of field will probably be quite different as they used an Alexa 65 with a very fast T1.6 lens.
Anyway, I just realized a really great pattern or texture in the bokeh and I'm pretty sure it's NOT the light source itself. So maybe it's some kind of filter?

Do you guys now, how to archive this nice effect? 



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David Mullen, elsewhere on this site, speaking of Psycho (1960), explained, unless I read it wrong, how a grid effect in a bokeh is a result of the manufacture of filters.




Mullen. Mitchells weren't the greatest diffusion, they tended to blur focus too much. They used a pattern of etched diamonds in a chain link fence design, sort of like the glass equivalent of a net weave.







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Unfortunately, in the following detailed articles on the cinematographic technics of Euphoria, Marcell Rév mentions only the word "filters" :




The technical geniuses of Cinematography.com should, perhaps in hours or days to come, answer your question with specificity.

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