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new ALCS crystal sync motor for Arri 16S

Aapo Lettinen

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the idea is to start working on a new Arri16S crystal sync motor this Summer if there is orders and enough general interest. I talked about this project briefly earlier and now when it looks like I have nothing else to do this Summer than design circuit boards and write software, I could as well move this project forward too 🙂

Generally speaking, I am planning a multi-speed motor with a small display and film counters, all integrated into the motor body and relatively compact. Planned price is about 1600usd + shipping to allow using higher quality parts (very high quality brushless motor drive, proper machining for metal parts, enough resources to test thoroughly, etc) and would need couple of orders to move the project forward. There will be a deposit charged (amount depends on how many orders there is, something between 30% and 50%) which will enable me getting a used Arri16S body for tests and the materials for one prototype motor so that I can finish the device this year.

Sounds expensive, about 1600 for a motor? well, the used Tobin motors are not cheap either (about a grand a piece, very hard to find, they are old and used and likely not serviced in last 20 years so not in pristine condition anymore) and this is much more advanced device with better speed options and counters etc, completely newly made and made of high quality parts. I was originally trying to make a new motor for 1k a piece but that does not seem to be possible without cheaping too much on the materials and motor drive so I will rather make it more expensive and add extra features instead to make it worth it.


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