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CRLS C-100 Lightbridge - does it impact the *colour* of the light

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Hey guys,

I have an inkling about the answer to this question but was hoping someone more experienced might be able to remove all uncertainties ­čÖé

Do the Lightbridge CRLS reflectors change the colour of the light you bounce into them at all? I would think not really since the material on a CRLS reflector doesn't have a particular colour, but just wanted to make sure. 

Reason I ask is because I want a specific colour filling into the room through a window, and will obtain the necessary Rosco / Lee colour gel to cover my lighting fixture (likely a Nanlux 1200B with FL-35 fresnel) for this. For some set ups outside certain rooms I will be using the CRLS (1m x 1m) reflector, whilst for others I won't. But I would like full consistency in the colour of the light that ultimately makes it into the room from my fixture. I'm wondering if I might need to acquire x2 slightly different coloured gels that will compensate for any difference from bouncing into CRLS, or if it will be such a minuscule difference that it won't matter.

Any ideas / suggestions greatly welcomed!

Thanks in advance, 


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I cannot answer directly. But my understanding is that a reflector beeing neutral or not mainly refers to white light or wide spectrum sources. For a saturated color with limited spectrum, a non neutral reflector would juste change the amount of light reflected, not its spectrum. So if you plan to use colorful gels, I guess it will not be much affected by slight inaccuracy of the reflector.

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The reflective surface on a CRLS panel is aluminium, which has a very flat reflectance. I doubt you'd ever see an issue unless it was horribly contaminated with something.

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