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Super 8 camera overheating??

Andy Pabst

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Hi All,


I have a Canon auto zoom 814e. I’ve owned it for ten years and used it on tons of projects and lent it out for tons of projects. 

One time a couple years ago I was shooting with it in the springtime weather 65 degrees in the sun on and off for a few hours (just a roll or two) and by the third roll it would only run intermittently. It was really weird.

ive since shot a few more projects indoors as well as outdoors in the winter. Never had any problems. Thought maybe that issue from before was a one off. 

today I shot an outdoor project in the springtime sun again and it had problems again!! You’d shoot consistently for about a minute and then it wouldn’t run anymore. If you pause for a moment it’ll run again. If you get it out of the sun into a cooler area and let it sit it will work again. 

the batteries are not hot, the batteries are not out of juice. They’re brand new. 

it’s like the camera is overheating ?? In some way?


anyone have experience with these we cameras and can advise?



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The heat (or time or both) might have caused damage to the electronics and/or mechanics. Hence it can be anything. Sorry. When the problems only occur at certain (higher) temperatures, this could mean that some rubber belt became/becomes too slippery or that there’s a loose contact - with the gap between the electrical parts becoming larger at higher temperatures (remember the experiments with bimetals at school?). Or some transistors/capacitors are close to completely failing and are hence already failing at certain temperatures. … There are just too many possible reasons. 

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