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Sunny16 Question

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Hi everyone, I would like to make another post here about another rather beginner type of question.

I remember once David wrote in a post, in direct sun he metered F16.3 with a ISO50(at 24fps and a 180 degree shutter). I understand it's because it's 1/50 shutter speed and ISO 50, which is what the rule says.

I know F/16.3 with ISO 50 would be great to start off in my mind without a light meter under that specific environment. But I wonder if this would work effectively in Log, RAW or even 709 shooting, or does it not matter what mode/color profile the camera is shooting?

I'm only asking in the context of modern digital cinematography. You can answer my question while assuming I know other concepts and terms in the context. Thanks a lot guys in advance!!!


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It's all just math. Since most digital doesn't go down to 50iso you'd just have to math it to whatever you're iso is. 

For example, an. Alexa at 400 iso would be a 3 stop difference. So you could throw an ND.9 in and be at f16 or shoot at a t32 (which I haven't ever seen on a cine lens). This is of course assuming you are keeping your shutter speed at 1/50th.


Of course with most digital cameras you have a monitor and false colors. 

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