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8mm Illumina VS 9.5mm Zeiss Superspeed B MK3

Ramsey Nord

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Just wondering if anyone has expierience with using Illuminas alongside Superspeeds and which one would be better. It'll be on a Krasnogorsk 3 with Pl mount conversion on a helmet cam pov rig. And many shots will be in low-light wide open, and just looking for which will be sharpest. And if either have odd quirks which might negate the others image quality. 

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generally the field of view on the 8mm is going to be similar to a little tighter than a 16mm on super 35, where as the 9.5 is closer to a 20mm. if field of view is more important to you, you go with the 8mm. if matching contrast, bokeh shape and other in set qualities are more important to you, go with the 9.5mm.  

IIRC my 7mm was actually a bit sharper than my 8mm when I still had some of those lenses, in case the 7mm is an option for you.

I dont know if the century 6mm might be available to you, but thats a little contrastier than the Illuminas while still being pretty sharp. though I think its T1.9 not T1.3.

if you're trying to capture a sense of speed above all else, if I were in your shoes I'd go with the widest lens available to me.

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