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For Sale: Aaton S16 LTR w/PL mount

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Offered for sale is a very nice Aaton LTR7 camera (# C-536) with a new PL mount from Les Bosher, freshly installed after servicing (now underway). This kit was always professionally maintained and runs clean & quiet. NO LENSES included. We have S16 optics available, please inquire.

Kit Includes:

-Aaton LTR S16 body w/handgrip, new PL lens mount, universal S16 viewing screen (1:1.66, Std 16, TV safe)

2 x 400' film magazines

2 x 12v onboard batteries with new Ni-Cad cells

1 Arri type bellows matte box/sunshade

1-Aaton camera cover/barney

power cables


Asking: US$ 8900.00

email: cp@seriousgear.com






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