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What do you all use to insure your camera and gear? Experiences with Athos Insurance, Front Row?

Moon McCartney

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Hi all,

I'm looking to start a discussion on getting insurance for your camera and gear in the U.S.. Not necessarily production insurance, but I guess that can be a part of the chat as well. The last post on this topic seems to be from 4+ years ago.

If you have a 16MM Arri/Aaton, lenses, tripod, accessories, etc - you're looking at $15K value on the low end. Depending on your specific gear and if you have a production company/more gear, can be $50k-$100K plus. It's important to protect our valuable gear in case shit happens. 

I'm looking to get a policy on my recently acquired SR2, lenses, Sacthler tripod, and other accessories. What company do you all use? Athos Insurance seems to be a popular one. Any experiences with them?

And how do you determine the value of your gear? Market/eBay price? Price you purchased? I'd probably list out everything I want insured and it'll be in the range of $15k-$25K. 

Any general tips, stories, or recommendations for gear insurance? Thanks in advance, this forum has been a great resource to me. 😁

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Don't have insurance. Know nothing about the company. But the questions you asked should be directed towards the insurance company. They pay the claim...not the forum. If you can't get your questions answered, that tells you something about the company.

Usually, you schedule your items for a stated value to be insured. Or they may just give you a depreciated value determined by their adjuster. 

Good luck with figuring it all out!



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Hi @Victoria Sagady, thank you for the reply. I’ve heard mixed things about Athos. 

One, that their quotes are high, even referred to as “predatory pricing”. And second, have you ever had to file a claim for your gear? If so, how was the payout process? I’ve heard people had a hard time and dealing with 90 day payout periods. 

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