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Colonial House

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Anyone watching this show on PBS? Aside from being an interesting concept, it LOOKS gorgeous! Apparently all available light (windows and candles/oil lamps), yet the contrast, color, and modeling of light just falls right into place. Something about the placement of windows in the small structures that lets the light always give a slight edge while giving a soft side key. The night interiors do have a little noise as though the gain is turned up, yet the look suits the subject matter and still looks appealing and natural.


There seems to be a lot of overcast weather which naturally helps the contrast. I'm assuming it's shot on HD (16x9, and it's on the PBS HD channel), but some form of 60i video regardless.


Some of the long-lens static shots look really pretty, and cut well with the smooth handheld documentary stuff.



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It's been a good show. I think it's interesting that they shot the title sequence in 24p. Don't know what camera it was but it was definitely a video camera on the crane up past the boy sawing in one of the behind the scenes shots. Frame rate matters so much in the "film look" that I wonder why there aren't more 24p cameras being produced. It's my greatest fear that in a few years we'll be going down to the cinema to watch 60i TV. "...Oh, the horror, the horror..."

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