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30 or 24 fps for video


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If I shoot film for ultimate destination video is it better to shoot at 30fps as opposed to 24 fps? I know shutter speed increases to 30 fps (on original XTR) but is there anything else to watch out for?


Also, I've never telecined before, and was wondering if I shoot on negative can it be reversed in telecine or do I need a print for telecine. I'm trying to decide if I should shoot on reversal or negative to get best image. I probably wouldn't shoot on negative if I needed a print for telecine.





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Shooting 30 fps for transfer to 60i NTSC will get you a smoother look without any 3:2 pulldown but some people also think it makes the image look a little 'video-ish". I'm not sure it is necessary.


Also, if you plan on making both NTSC and PAL versions, 24 fps would be better for the PAL version than 30 fps.


No, you don't need to make a print -- the telecine can reverse the image from negative to positive.

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Guest Andy Sparaco

I shoot lots of TV commercials and depending on the creative shoot 24 or 30fps in Super 16


IF the creative calls for "high key" lighting or involves green/blue screen work or if the footage will be used in compositing program like AFE or combustion then 30fps is the best choice. The compositing programs "de-2:3 pull down" the footage if it is shot at 24fps. So you get cleaner results


30fps is also a part of a technique to make Super 16 look like HD footage.


Yes I am asked to make film look like video specifcally Varicam or Sony to get that flat, blue desaturated look that currently is the de-rigor at the Ad Agencies.


When you consider that a Varicam package costs 2K or more to rent, then shooting an average of 800-1200ft per spot>film/process/ Scratch xfer and final color xfer can be done competatively.


If the creative call for a naturalistic or filmic look or if the budget doesn't have enough $$ for 35mm I shoot 24fps.

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