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Single frame on SR3


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Does anyone know if the Arri SR3 has a single frame mode, for doing time-lapse shots? The slowest it goes is 5 fps, but I need to do a time-lapse shot ramping into 24 fps from about one frame every 10 seconds. I can't find anything describing a control like this on the sr3, but I'm hoping it exists. Thanks

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Hi, Im not quite sure about SR 3, but I think SR3 "Advanced" might be capable( check that on the Arri Website ) anyway, you can calculate arithmetically time lapse, the frame rate and the frame burst. If you have a Palm, you can download the software for cinematographers, there is a function for doing that.


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You need to change the electronics or add electronics in order to go for single frame on an Arri SR3.

Wanted to do this early spring for a commercial, and that is what Arri rental here in Munich said.





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