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High School Football Recap Montage

Andrew Cefalo

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I posted this in another forum but I figure I will get more feedback if I post it here too...


I don't think I will be changing this video much as I have now fallen in love with it but I would like to know what you do like an don't like for the future.


It is located at:




The quality is just ok but at least you get an idea as to how it looks. I shot it all on a GL2 and edited on my powerbook in Final Cut 4.



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You are not the first to say this.


I am having massive problems with gettin my videos to work on everyones computer. The plug-in won't work on most computers for some reason and I cannot figure out why.


One thing that may work for you, go to the right click save link I made and save it. It saves as a HTML document for some reson, try just changing the file type to .mp4 instead of what it is and that will direct it to your .mp4 player vs. just Internet Explorer.


Sorry about that!

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Saving the video as a raw mp4 stream is, while valid, a bit of an unusual thing to do. It requires that people have a reasonably recent version of Quicktime installed - Windows Media Player will not by default play raw MP4.


I generally use Sorenson 3 Quicktime, which also requires that Quicktime be present since Windows Media Player is only marginally compatible with some very basic types of Quicktime. However, I don't get a lot of complaints, so I presume it works OK. At worst, you could stick a link on the page to:




...and let people download what they need.



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