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First Showreel

Kirsty Stark

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I am a student Cinematographer and have just created my first showreel, which goes for approx. 1 minute and shows a range of my work from four short films I shot this year (a mixture of super 16mm film and HDV; drama and documentary). You can view it on my website:




I would love to hear any feedback about how I could improve, as I know it still needs work.


Are there any shots you wouldn't include?

One shot has text over it, as this was included in the final documentary. Should I leave this in the reel, or return to the master tape and use the original footage?


Thanks for your help!

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I think you have some nice work on your reel. The B&W footage looks great. As far as the text goes, I think I would go with the original footage. Im not sure how I feel about the shot with the guys dancing - don't know if you should hold it longer or loose it all together. Im also a cinematographer student so you may want to see what other people have to say. Good work though.

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Thanks Jimmie,


I appreciate you taking the time to look at my reel and comment. I think you're right about the text - it doesn't really have any relevance to the footage when taken out of context, and detracts from the image a bit.


I had a look at your work as well - you have some nice shots!

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Hello Kirsty!


You have some very nice shots in your reel.


I would defenitely take out the text. This reel is about your work, your images and the text does not make them stronger, in contrary its destracting.


Also I would love to see more of those timelaps shots, those are great.


And auh... this stunt seen really hurts. Specially because you dont expect it at all and it looks very real! How did you do that? That puppet moves very human before the car hits! Maybe you can let the music make a small break when this happens? I think its such a strong image in terms of what happens in it that it feels a bit bizarr for me to see it cut the same way as all the other shots though somebody probably dies in it.

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