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  1. You have some nice stuff on there. I like your compositions, especially the car mounts. What type of camera and lens's where you using.
  2. It may just need a second to load. I would love to hear any comments from you.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions everyone. I'll try to get more adventurous with my lighting and subject matter. This was done with limited time and subject matter. - Lighting is too flat, try to shape it a little more - . . .I thought the warm lighting and the cool (blueish) lighting would help the separation within the frame. What do you think could of helped? - Next time try H.264 with settings on high and a high bitrate - . . .Its odd cause that is the codec I used with settings on high. Maybe the bitrate wasn't high enough. Do you think this may have caused this? Thank you again everyone!
  4. Hello I like your wide shots. The colors seem to be a bit warmer than the close ups. I noticed some vignetting on the wides also. Is that from the lens or was that put in later. I love the chain-saw.!
  5. Les I personally like 'the runner'. I like your compositions and handheld work and the location looks great. I think the shots of the character rolling down hill is a little too blown out for my taste and some of your color shots in the end are a bit dark as well. Not sure if its YouTube compression causing this. What type of camera are using? - J
  6. Hello All This is an exercise project for my cinematography class. The project calls for me to light a 'Night Scene' with a WS - MS - CU and reversal incorporated within it. This is my first time shooting 35mm and my second time using lights. I've always been intimidated with gaffing! I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks!!! (shot w/500T Vision3) http://www.vimeo.com/789010
  7. Updated my reel - would like to hear any comments on it. Thanks! http://www.vimeo.com/667826
  8. I think you have some nice work on your reel. The B&W footage looks great. As far as the text goes, I think I would go with the original footage. Im not sure how I feel about the shot with the guys dancing - don't know if you should hold it longer or loose it all together. Im also a cinematographer student so you may want to see what other people have to say. Good work though.
  9. I used my schools Aaton w/primes with Kodaks 250D. As far as the lens brand - I'm not to sure, it's been awhile.
  10. You have nice work on your reel - the only thing that I thought could use some work was the editing. I think you cut to soon on some of your shots. Other than that it looks great.
  11. Thanks for your replies - Saulie & Adrian. I do agree what both of you have said. I appreciate the comments.
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