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Does anything beat Frame Discreet?

Nick Norton

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Although i have only had the best experience in my mind possible using the Frame Discreet transfer house for my super 8 footage, and not that i ever plan to go through anyone else... i am a bit curious as to what else exists.


Has anyone experienced a service for $30 a roll, and been really excited with the results?





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Not that it would beat Frame Discreet, but we have a similar setup using the Workprinter series transfer machines. I've transferred films for artists and consumers alike on the West Coast. Home Movie Store, you can see a couple samples here. Our prices are from $9-$20/roll depending on the service and can transfer files directly an external hard drive for editing use.


I definitely think Justin's transfers look very well done.

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wow, this is an old post.


update, check our website or instagram for the latest.

expanded and offering 8/16/35 4k HDR scans and restoration.


All the best!


Justin Lovell

Associate member of the canadian society of cinematographers

society of camera operators

iatse 667

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