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  1. It can look pretty great when Scanned right! Canon 1014xls -max 8 modified (compressed to 300kb to post in forum) 4k HDR scan on Lasergraphics Scanstation at www.framediscreet.com Justin Lovell Associate Member Canadian Society of Cinematographers 8/16/35 motion picture services www.framediscreet.com social: @frame_discreet @justin_lovell
  2. I'll second this praise. Perry does excellent work. As a fellow scanstation 5k owner, he is the first guy I would refer filmmakers to go to when looking for a scan in the US. We know he takes the same approach to quality control and is just as particular as I am about maximizing the scanner to get the best out of it possible. We bounce ideas back and forth and am glad to have this relationship with him to keep both of us at the cutting edge of filmscanning today. Justin Lovell Assoc CSC Cinematographer Www.framediscreet.com 8/16/35 >5k Toronto, Canada
  3. Perry does great work at gamma ray! We are also running the 5k Lasergraphics Scanstation north of the border In Toronto at: Www.framediscreet.com Cinematographer run transfer studio. Capable of 8/16/35mm. Loving the system and the results! Hit me up if you have any questions via the contact page on the website. All the best!
  4. Let me know if we can help. Running the latest lasergraphics scanstation 5k 8mm /16mm /35mm. Super happy with the system! WWW.FRAMEDISCREET.COM Cinematographer run transfer studio.
  5. I was looking for that factory released model, but not for sale yet. Pricing (quoted) will be around the price of the duclos or gloptics conversion. I like the duclos mod. But the gl has an option for switchable mounts (pl/ef/sony)
  6. Sony SCL-P11X15 11-16mm vs tokina 11-16 2.8 pl rehoused I'm interested in either purchasing a Sony SCL-P11X15 11-16mm or a gloptics rehoused tokina 11-16 2.8. Can you advise on which lens would perform better or worse and any technical considerations, if pricing were equal.. If you have any experience.. Would be for an amira, red epic and new blackmagic Ursa mini. (but not limited to those cameras). To supplement my red zoom 50-150 and 17-50 for doc work. Thanks guys!
  7. Kowa has a new m4/3 mount 5mm and also a cmount version. The m4/3 works on the Bmcc. Very nice. Been happy with them. Also their 8.5mm cmount is good for the pocket cam. They vignette a little, but not bad.
  8. Double post. Sorry can't figure out how to delete on my mobile. WWW.JUSTINLOVELL.COM
  9. Correct. All the bells and whistles will put you over the $200K range. We went all out :)
  10. Nice rigging! Reminds me of what the black betty guys were developing. http://blackbettycameras.com/first-camera/ If anyone is interested, I'm selling a si2k mini as well as the body, monitor and accessories. I have 3, time to move one of them :) Contact me on my website if interested. www.justinlovell.com most of the work on there was shot on the si2k. Same with this project: Frame Discreet 8/16/35mm to 5k Film Scans www.framediscreet.com
  11. Contact me on the contact page of my website if interested. I have the si2k mini for sale. I have the si2k body for sale. Pl adapter Touchscreen monitor Eyepiece And some other accessories. Still no other camera that creates the emotional film texture quality that the si2k delivers. Upgraded to dvr 3.0 which can do multiple different frame rates (up to 85p) at different resolutions. Most of the work on here was shot on the si2k. WWW.JUSTINLOVELL.COM
  12. It intrigued me at first, but I agree with what rob and Perry have been stating. I wouldn't hold my breath over this if you really want the best quality. After 2 years of scanner testing and visiting, the only one that surpassed all my tests (underexposed, overexposed, 8/16/35, shrunken, torn, warped, faded, neg, reversal, black and white .. You name it..) was the lasergraphics scanstation. I spent 2 days with their engineers and was repeatedly impressed that they found ways to tackle all my concerns. Perry also owns the same model lasergraphics scanstation (we added the 35mm module though). And can scan in up to 5k dpx.
  13. In slumdog, it's pretty easy to pick out the shots done on the 5d dslrs, they have a very plasticy feel, and they also did some longer exposure techniques to create a certain different feeling such as flashbacks. The si2k also has some interesting high speed options. I helped them develop new frame rates for the sidvr 3.0 recording software. Instead of locking you in at 720p 85fps or 2k 30fps, we built in between frame resolution /rates. Because the height of the image actually dictates the speed the sensor can record at, we added at 60fps 1440p and 48fps 1660p. Which is plenty for some of the cinema and broadcast work I've been using it for. Most of the work on my site was shot on the si2k.
  14. I have been a long advocate of the image quality and look that the si2k delivers. Built in texture that no other camera has. I own 2 Bmpcc and a bmcc also. I have shot side by side comparisons of the same scene and setting. No matter what anyone says, the sensor on the si2k has an emotional quality to it that the bm sensors do not carry. I love the pocket cams for documentary and ease for travel, but if I want to really feel something from my subjects/characters, the si2k is the camera I will go to first. That said, I have 3 si2ks and will be selling one of them as now 2 is enough for what I need. Message me through my website if interested. WWW.JUSTINLOVELL.COM All the best!
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