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Bolex 4.4mm wide angle adapter

Damien Bhatti

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I am looking for a wide angle adapter for my 10mm rx switar, I know that there is a 5,5mm designed for this lens but I have spied this adapter;




and was wondering whether this 4.4 adapter fits the 10mm also?

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Hi Damien,


That adapter was designed to fit a super8 camera.

The threads are not the same as a Switar 10mm.

It might work if you can find a way to adapt it.

If the Aspheron is 49mm you can get a nice adapter from brentfinley.com





Hi Jean-Louis, the wide angles for the 10mm are quite expensive arent they?/ do you know if bolex released a wide angle lens proper for the bolex?/ i have never come across any...

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