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Kinoptik 5.7mm Lens Collimation

Kori Perez

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I have a Bolex SBM that will soon be modified to super 16.

I wanted a nice wide angle that covered S16 and I picked up a c-mount Kinoptik 5.7mm 1.8.


It is a fixed focus lens that seems to be a bit out of focus thru the viewfinder. I think it needs to be collimated (?). Images only come into focus when I use the lens like a macro up close and personal. I'm sure this problem is due to my reflex prism.


How would one go about fixing this problem?


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Will a collimator bench be able to fix the issue?

I think that the best way to set this lens is by using a lens test projector.

Optimize your focus for 5-6 feet, and everything from 18 inches to infinity should fall into focus due to the hyperfocal distance of this lens.

I recommend sending your lens to someone that specializes in Cine lens repair.

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