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S16 Bolex Water Housing test footage

Kori Perez

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2 test rolls of Fuji 64D stock.

First couple times in the water with the housing.

1 roll at 64 fps in San Clemente at 204s at about F16

1 roll at 48 fps in Newport Beach at 36th St. with a 0.6 ND filter at about F8

HD Telecine done at Cinelicious, ProRes 422 1080p HQ


Vimeo videos here:


Can't wait for bigger waves and clearer water. Fiji in June! :)

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I would like some kind of water housing for my bolex, but I doubt I would be in the water as much as you are, filming surfing. Are there cheaper solutions you considered before settling on that housing? I've seen bag type EWA housings for super-8 cameras. Anything like that out there? That photo supports housing sure looks trustworthy though.


How difficult is that thing to manage (focus, wind, etc.) out there in the water? I've always wondered about that watching surf films.


A quick aside:


Naked SBM steam cleaning (NSFRH)-





Bruce Brown used an H16 on Endless Summer, no? Still making beautiful images after all these years...

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This housing is actually my friends. He filmed "Beneath the Surface" with it.

I haven't seen any bag-type housings for the Bolex, usually a Bolex housing is custom made. Here's another: http://www.splwaterhousings.com/bolex_16.html

The housing is like a tank in the water, Solid. You can't focus and it's difficult to see through the viewfinder. Winding is hard because the grip is in the way and you have to use your fingertips... Cold water is painful. All that aside, if you tough it out it's awesome and you can get some great stuff.

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Dana Morris' housing for Beneath the Surface? That's awesome I've watched that film at least 20 times! Absolutely love it! Are you guys gonna be making any new films soon?

What I've always wondered: do you guys 'know' the pro's and travel with them or do you just follow them and shoot them without them knowing?

Anyways enjoy fiji and let us know how that went..

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Yep, Beneath the Surface is wonderful. We will both be making films, but separately. Dana knows Pros and Ams. Everyone is kind of connected, still a semi-small industry. When I was a teen I met Taylor Steel and picked his brain, he just started following the pros, made friends, and the rest is history.

Talking 16mm... Transworld skate vids is what started it all for me, and a little early 90's Jack McCoy.

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