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  1. I'm selling my beloved Beaulieu 4008 ZMII with all its accessories I've obtained over the last two years. I'm switching to super16, and I know I won't use this camera anymore so I'd rather have someone use it instead of keeping it in a closet. I've had this camera for two years and I've used it to shoot surfing and travel movies. I've shot about 20-25 carts with it. It's in perfect condition to shoot right away. The camera was serviced about a year ago. I made the battery myself. The whole process can be found here. Here's the photo of the kit. 1. Beaulieu 4008ZMII camera with Schneider 1.8/6-66mm lens (including a Hoya UV filter) 2. Charger for the battery. The charger has a european plug, works on 220v/230v. 3. Custom made cable to connect the battery to the charger. 4. Custom made 1600mAh battery with a custom milled aluminum housing (in theory it should be good for 40+ cartridges) The battery screws on to the battery the same way as the original batteries did. 5. C-mount to nikon adapter. This will allow you to use nikon SLR lenses with the beaulieu. 6. Very rare leveling piece for the beaulieus pistol grip. The flat bottom of the beaulieu's pistol grip lies on an angle compared to the lens axis. This piece will allow you to mount the camera horizontally on a tripod. As I said, this piece is very rare and is hard to find on ebay. 7. ND-filter set. The set contains a ND8, a ND4 and a ND2 filter. Very useful an practical when shooting in bright conditions 8. Two additional bluestar chamois eyecushions. Makes it a lot more comfortable to look through the viewfinder. 9. New rubber eyecup. The original rubber eyecup was worn out so I ordered a new one from Wittner to be able to put on the bluestar eyecushions. So as I said before, this kit is in perfect condition and you will be able to shoot with it right away. I'm not gonna put a pricetag to it. I think you will be able to come up with a fair price yourself if you're interested. For further questions about the camera itself or about the price, send me an email. greg at g-trash dot com. I'd rather have a fellow filmshooting member have it than someone random, so i havent put it up on ebay yet. I'll put it up there in a couple of weeks if no one's interested. Here's some more pictures of the camera itself: Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6
  2. I've shot a lot of surfing with my B4008 ZMII. Shooting surfing usually means a lot of sun. Especially in Nicaragua. I've shot in Panama and Costa Rica, same conditions more or less. With the ZMII at 24 fps (using 200t) even at f22 there was still too much light coming in. I would really suggest to try to get your hands on a ND filter set. I know it will be hard but maybe in the bigger cities you can find an old photo store? 64t wont probably give you problems with too much light, but espect to be in the f11-f22 region.. Surfing always looks best at dawn and dusk, but if you have to shoot mid-day id use an ND filter. I usually have my ND8 in front of the lens.. Oh and don't shoot everything at 48fps! :P I usually only use about of 20% of surfing footage in the final clip since sometimes the surfers **(obscenity removed)** up, or just don't catch the best waves all the time. Unless you're traveling with WTC pros you'll waste a lot of frames! Just guess it per session and think about the wave conditions. If the waves are really good then shoot close-ups at 48fps. Otherwise 24fps isnt as bad either. Sounds like you're staying in Nico for a long time, i've heard its got amazing waves! Def want to see the end results!
  3. im guessing vision3 500t would do the job.. Haven't tried it myself yet, but I've seen some good results on vimeo.. http://vimeo.com/videos/search:vision3%20500t
  4. Thanks for the links, i contacted them just a few seconds ago see what they say.. The cells are 1600 mAh but i could put in 2200 as well (i just went for the cheaper option, figured 1600 would be enough too) I have shot 15+ carts now and I haven't had to recharge yet. Still running smooth.. I don't know how much the original cells were, i think something like 200-300 mAh and the manual said you could shoot for about 10 carts with that (which i don't believe). I think i could probably do like 20 with my 1600 mAh. I just made an aluminium housing cause i thought it would be cool. At the time i couldnt find small enough cells to fit in the original housing and i didnt have the original charger to charge through the camera. So I had to find other cells and i had to build a housing which would have enough room to build in a socket to plug the battery to a separate charger. This is how it turned out..
  5. Anyone know where to get the Bluestar Chamoises in Europe? Or at least a webshop with reasonable shipping rates.. B&H charge $45 for int. shipping :blink: I have a B4008ZMII as well and recently bought a new rubber eyecup from wittner in Germany, now I want the chamois to cover it.. Anyways here's a pic of my cam with a custom made battery pack made from CNC'd aluminium:
  6. Dana Morris' housing for Beneath the Surface? That's awesome I've watched that film at least 20 times! Absolutely love it! Are you guys gonna be making any new films soon? What I've always wondered: do you guys 'know' the pro's and travel with them or do you just follow them and shoot them without them knowing? Anyways enjoy fiji and let us know how that went..
  7. Hi folks, I'm looking to buy an SBM soon.. Why an SBM? It's spring driven, and it's got the heavy bayonet mount. There's one thing i need to figure out yet that I couldn't get an answer on by searching these forums and the internet.. Is there an internal light meter on the SBM? I've read that the Vario-Switar lenses have built in light meters, but how do they work? I'm gonna get an SBM with a lens, but I will definitely want to use my 35mm SLR lenses too (with adapters of couse) so am I gonna need an external light meter as well? Or is there an exposure needle or something like that inside the bolex? Thanks.
  8. Yeah you're right about the smaller film plane, it makes sense now that I think about it.. The results you got look great! I'm using a Nikon 70-210mm f/4-5.6 lens (which I already had for still photography) and I think I'll be fine. There's gonna be plenty of sunshine (as is usually the case on the beach) so yeah I'll have to stop down but I'm gonna use ND's as much as possible. The 210mm is almost the maximum I dare to use with a S8 camera, or things start to get really shaky! (Even with a tripod that is). I'm stunned tho with the results you got from the DOF adapter, I might take a look at that in the future as well. Thanks for posting!
  9. Well I must say the shallow DOF is amazing.. But do you get a shallower DOF using this adapter compared to using a regular c-mount to SLR lens adapter? I'm about to go on a surftrip and got myself a cmount to nikon adapter to use some nikon telephoto lenses on my ZMII so I can get closer to the action, but I'm wondering if I'll be able to get a shallower DOF too? Im gonna use ND filters to be able to shoot as wide open as possible.. So what does your adapter do to decrease the DOF?
  10. yeah im living in holland too and i send my films to the same places for development (neg to andec, everything else to super8.nl) what about the telecine? did andec do that too or did you do that somewhere in holland too? (supersens? cineco?)
  11. that video is obviously shot in holland so it made me curious where you had it processed and telecined?
  12. I made my own battery pack for my ZMII.. Why make an 'exernal' battery pack? You don't wanna hold it in your hand while shooting right? Anyways one could argue that the battery pack I made is external.. check it out and hopefully it will give you ideas on how to make your own, since it really isnt hard to do: http://www.filmshooting.com/scripts/forum/...2e1798b217fc232
  13. Looks amazing! What stocks are these? Color neg or reversal? How was it transfered to HD, by whom, and for how much? Btw, was this superduper8 or just cropped?
  14. I have a Beaulieu 4008 ZMII, and when I bought it the battery was dead. I started looking for places to buy new batteries or places where they re-celled the old battery, but I found out that it's really easy to make a battery yourself. Even if you don't have the 'engineering' skills I'm sure you know someone who can do this for you. Here's a link to a thread about how I made my battery: Making a battery for beaulieu 4008 zmII
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