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What gel is being used here?

Ashley Barron

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Which Roscoe Red did you use? It's hard to tell off an uncalibrated screen but it looks like R25 orange-red to my eye. I built custom gelstrings for my scrollers and use R25 rather than a primary red because it does look better on actors.


IMHO an incandescent fixture is going to look better behind red gels than anything else because of their continuous spectrum.

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It also could be a Red with an Amber combo... With all that can be done in Post it is nearly impossible to tell what was exactly used. Same is true for the lamps... it could be (for example) a 1k... or a 2k scrimmed down... It is more important to know how to achieve that 'look' than 'exactly' how that one was accomplished. I would find something (or a combination of somethings) from a Lee swatch book and tweak the rest in post. The funny thing is, if you do not take this sample to your colorist (grading session), you may very well come up with something even better (for you).

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I think the point there is that that isn't red, that's orange, and it wouldn't actually make a very good safelight!




Especially with the light leak at the bottom of the kitchen window! It makes for a nice image tho. Without the color contrast it would be pretty bland. I think the DP was wise to take that 'artistic license'.

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I need to find out what gel is being used in this scene and on what fixture.


I have applied Rosco Red to both a fluoro and a 1k Baby but both results are very red on the skin tones. This reference feels more pleasant on the skin tones.


Any suggestions would be great!

the scene is that of a photographic darkroom with the safelight on. safelights for black and white photography are normally dark amber.

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