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  1. So we (were) edited! We certainly don't see this process applied to 99.9999% of the rest of the posts here on cinematography.com. How selective of you Tim. Users beware! Tim will swoop in (without any notice) and delete or alter portions of a conversation to fit (his) agenda and in doing so chase away those who (gave) a lot more than they (got). What a dishonest JERK! Adios cinematography.com.... adios!
  2. Mine went thru, it was quoted... then later vanished!
  3. OK... I feel better knowing I was not singled out. How ironic I thought, I have been banned from cinematography.com on a thread titled I have been banned from REDuser.com :lol: (well, I wasn't laughing earlier, but I can laugh now) :lol:
  4. Michael 'S', Per the rules of this forum, please go to My Controls and change your screen name to your first and last name. The Members thank you in advance.
  5. Can a Moderator/ Anyone explain what has happened? Why is my post suddenly missing... yet quoted in someone else's post? <_<
  6. <_< Interesting. My 6:07am post after Peter's post... of which Peter quotes a small selection at 8:50... is now missing(?) I believe I have been edited. Is that true?
  7. ...and you certainly can't apply it to the Stock Market! :o
  8. *Correction. John Brawley just sent me a copy of his Mini Worrall Geared Head Manual (thanks John!) and it states "it is the only Geared Head utilizing cable drive for both Pan and Tilt" and that it is capable of continuous Panning due to the 'continuous cable' used on the Pan. Thanks again John!
  9. What do you guys think? - Freya I think you missed your calling as an arbitrator :lol:
  10. Is RED a Cult? It sure is reading like one...
  11. Per the rules of this forum, do not double post. It only wastes the Member's time.
  12. Per the rules of this forum, do not double post. It only wastes the Member's time.
  13. Hear. Hear! A picture is worth a thousand words..... if not more.....
  14. Especially with the light leak at the bottom of the kitchen window! It makes for a nice image tho. Without the color contrast it would be pretty bland. I think the DP was wise to take that 'artistic license'.
  15. It also could be a Red with an Amber combo... With all that can be done in Post it is nearly impossible to tell what was exactly used. Same is true for the lamps... it could be (for example) a 1k... or a 2k scrimmed down... It is more important to know how to achieve that 'look' than 'exactly' how that one was accomplished. I would find something (or a combination of somethings) from a Lee swatch book and tweak the rest in post. The funny thing is, if you do not take this sample to your colorist (grading session), you may very well come up with something even better (for you).
  16. Even those who (have) "made it" can quickly die on the vine. I'd bet even Mr. Mullen would tell you it isn't all it is cracked up to be... afte rall, he is on this site a lot... tell you something? He isn't posting between lighting set ups!
  17. Absolutely John. Thanks for giving an honest assessment. That is what I (have been) hearing from my LA contacts for quite some time. Production is down, but whatever (is) being produced, the state of the State has chased out. Taxes.. no incentives... A person can move to Hollywood and rarely work in Hollywood. Heck, rarely work at all. There may be another surge in production but many 'stars' need to line up for that to happen and the way things are looking it could be quite some time. I saw the decline beginning in the mid 90's... If you were considering this in the 80's I'd say go go go! Now?... do what is prudent. Most people who move there end up being 50 year old children anyway.... I know, I lived there for decades :rolleyes: "There's a big 'Ol dollar sign on the Sunset Strip. You can send your friend a postcard, it ain't worth the trip" -The Presidents of the United States of America- 'Naked and Famous' Let John send you a postcard!
  18. Still used today. I have one :wub: (Geared Head that is.. not that exact model per se)
  19. Probably not.. the last time there were posts up for days :(
  20. Take it... but don't take that 30% hit on your Savings... that is ridiculous! (and poor stewardship of your money) ;) ... meet with an Accountant/ Tax Guru.
  21. Per the rules of this forum, please go to My Controls and change your screen name to your first and last name (like everyone else). The Members thank you in advance.
  22. As a Cinematographer I like to think I do... but I know what you mean Richard! ;) With all the video guys here, I guess I set myself up for something like this! :lol: .... BRING IT!!!!!! :P I'll bet Stephen felt like this over at REDUser :lol:
  23. No one.... but why bother when you can just look at an HD Monitor and see final image? (I speak from experience. I have used varicams etc.... boring :rolleyes: ) ...prelighting without a camera/ monitor (maybe)...
  24. I agree.. and of course I am speaking in generalities. I'm just thankful to shoot Film and yes there was (and still is) a learning curve to it. But I gotta be honest, if I had to toss my meters, it would really take (most) of the fun out of it... and I'm not so sure I'd stick around.
  25. ... and I count my Blessings everyday! :rolleyes: (looking up... not rolling eyes)
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