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Camera choice. Australian Thriller

James Beilharz

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I'm shooting a short (30min) thriller later this year. The style will be a mixture of handheld jumpy and picturesque statics. A big influence is Antichrist (shot on RED&Phantom). A lot of the film will be in low light and in a small cabin location.


I'm searching for a camera that will the best option. At the moment there are 3 on the list

  • Sony EX3 + Letus and Primes
    Red One + Zeiss Primes
    Canon 7d


Most people know their pro and cons.

With the Canon I would be able to purchase the camera rather than renting.

The final film will be mostly sent to film festivals and output must comply to DVD/Tape requirements of festivals.


Any opinions and advice would be appreciated.

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I wouldn't use the 7D if you're using jumpy handheld because of the skewing. You tend to get fair amount of light lose through a 35mm adapter and it mightn't be good for low light levels, never mind the ergonomics for handheld with the letus on an EX3.


Do what's best for the film, renting is a great way to use equipment on your film that you could never be able to afford to buy. Although, it might come down to your budget, but the RED seems the best choice

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Hey James,


I don't know your level of experience... but there's a one day course next week at AFTRS in Melbourne... $130 for a full day with the Red Cam. A tutor will show the ins and outs, giving you a good hands on look before you decide to make some choices.


Could be handy.




I'll see you there if you decide to come,



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