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Camera Cart Advice

Michael Kubaszak

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I'm thinking about getting an equipment cart. I want build up slowly to my ideal cart rather than just get everything at once. I seem to be faced with 3 brands or choices.


Magliner: http://www.filmtools.com/geminisenior.html


Filmtools: http://www.filmtools.com/libsencarcom.html


Global: http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/material-handling/hand-trucks-dollies/hand-trucks-convertible/senior-aluminum-2-1-convertible-hand-truck-with-pneumatic-wheels


I've heard really good things about the filmtools version. But I saw a Global model on set recently and the price is definitely intriguing. I do wonder if the filmtools accessories will work on the Global cart, i.e. the handles, nose extension, shelf etc.


Can anyone shed some light?

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I have an original Magliner und the competitor from Filmtools. Direct comparison show the winner is Filmtools own brand. There is another cart that you may think about if you travel since it can be collapsed into an easy to transport item.


Check the link: http://filmtools.wordpress.com/2007/12/14/yaeger-and-sons-senior-cart-year-end-sale/

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