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  1. Yes, but keep in might that all a gate does is crop the image of the lens.
  2. You might have to put on your big boy pants or grow a pair. Do you want to get the shot or not? Sometimes you have to take a risk.
  3. A clean driving record and a current drivers license should be all you need.
  4. Peter, that's pretty cool. Is it silent?
  5. um 2.8-4 split but happy holidays anyway :D
  6. Panavision Super Speed lenses are just rehoused Zeiss Super Speed lenses.
  7. best meter ever. i had the model that took AA batteries which was the most convenient. i lent it to a dp friend and he liked it so much, he never gave it back. read the manual that came with it.
  8. The film looked great. I saw it today. The script is relly good and the acting was superb.
  9. you need some difffusion to soften it.
  10. I loved it. Looked great. Action packed. Yes, it had flaws but not horrific. I did miss the gadgets but it didn't ruin it for me. You can't take it too seriously.
  11. The problem is that you are usually lit for one angle. You cna shoot with two cameras aimed in the same direction. on gets the wide and one gets tighter. or like you mentioned. You might not always need two cameras so use then on the day that you need them. It can become a cluster. I like one camera better. more control.
  12. Matthew, one of the only 10 hour a day shoots I did was with George Miller, an Australian. 10 hour days are so much more productiove to me. I als got to experience my first "tea time" in the afternoon. At first, I was like, what are these people thinking takin a break for tea, Then I loved it. Gave me a little boost and a bite of food. Great idea.
  13. 10 hour days are ideal. I think they are more productive when people are over worked and not well rested. 12 hour days seem to be more common. Anything after that borders on cruelty. People get tired and mad and things drag. I did a lot of music videos in the 80's and 18 hours was not uncommon. I did a commercial once on Lake Powell where the dust kicked up and after we wrapped it was a 22 hour day. We got 2 hours of sleep and did another 18 hour day. I made about 3 grand in cash on that commercial so a little pain was easily soothed by the monetary compensation.
  14. The best thing is to watch a movie and see how a certain scene is done. Try to find one that best resembles what you are trying to achieve.
  15. Soap and water, windex, lens cleaner, acetone, benzene?, they're glass and should clean up easily.
  16. The first thing is keep yourself warm and dry. If you don't, the day will go bad fast.
  17. Extremely easy. You'll need a pair of Hirshman forceps, though.
  18. What would happen if Cher or Bono joined this forum? ;)
  19. Going to a good film school gives you the opportunity to meet people who might, one day, work in the industry. The biggest advantage is that it also gives you the opportunity to shoot films on some other person's dime which in turn gives you a finished product that you can shop around as work that you have done. Connections are good but the connection must have faith in your abilities to give them what they want. School is no guarantee but with schools churning out directors and Dps at a record pace there is a great likelihood that this will be something you have in common during potential job interviews. Good luck.
  20. That guy looks angry.:angry:
  21. So sad to hear this. He was three years older than me so 55 maybe.
  22. Don't waste your time starting at the bottom. Shoot some spec commercials. You know enough crew guys by now and directors. Get a good gaffer and operator or operate yourself. Good luck. I thing you're nuts, by the way. A good kinda nuts.;)
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