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720/25p or 720/50p advice please

Philip Lewis

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Hi Guys,


First time posting on this forum, bur been a member a while and constantly use it for tips for my camera.

i shoot wit the GY-HD111 PAL area and i was just wondering about a few things.

I do a lot of motor racing tv shows with a 5-6 camera set-up all jVC GY-HD 111's.

At the moment i have had them all shooting 720/25p and the images look great especially when my cameramen follow the action correctly. i know 25p is very nice when action or movement is followed correctly, otherwise static shots create a blurred car when it passes through said shot.

i was just questioning the need for 50p and should i consider this.

What are the pro's and con's of 25p and 50p in ProHD 720?????


Please advise and thanks for the help




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How are you distributing it?


On TV or DVD, well, that's a 25fps environment, although you could theoretically convert to achieve 50i interlaced footage. But if that was your intent, you'd probably just shoot it in DVCAM mode.


Depending on your edit workflow and what you're after, you could use the 50p to provide slow motion.


Really it depends what you're after - need more info.



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The shows are distributed both online and to a digital tv station called motorstv,

i create WMV's at 25p for the online content (which looks great)

and for the TV coverage they have specific Quick time SD files they require which again are easily made.


The question i had was more about the actual difference between 25p and 50p? and probably which would be better for shooting fast car racing, the 25p is doing a very good job for me at the moment, it was more out of curiosity if 50p might be better or worse?





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Well, 50 frames per second is twice as many as 25. The concept of interlacing complicates this, and if you don't understand it I strongly recommend you read the wikipedia article until you do:



Otherwise, if you're distributing at 25 there's not a lot of point shooting at 50, other than if you want to make it slow motion in post. Shooting 25 progressive frames a second will have a different look on PAL distribution than shooting interlaced, at 50i, but that's a creative decision. For sports, it might be more normal


If you could shoot at 50 and distribute at 50, then you would get smoother motion rendering, and it is for this reason that some broadcast sports are shown at these higher frame rates - but unless you're going to HD broadcast on Sky or something, that's not your situation.

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