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3 Strip Camera

Jesse Cairnie

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Through all this Digital yammer.. I have developed this wild fuddited urge to shoot 3 Strip Technicolor..


I know there are many many many complicated factors to do this.. but lets start with the Camera..


Is there any functioning 3 strip cameras around?



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I'm sure some in museums could get up and running if the motors are working. Trouble would be getting the three types of b&w stocks, particularly the blue sensitive one that had no anti-halation backing and was dyed red to act as a filter for the panchromatic roll run in bi-pack behind it to record the red record. Of course, you could probably muddle through with panchromatic film for all the records if you could solve the problem of the blue record doing the filtering for the red record.

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The other problem is that the blue record would also have to *not* be sensitive to red, so pan film wouldn't work for that.


What might actually be doable is to play with separation in still photography. B&W Pan film would work, just shoot a still scene with a locked off camera, and three filters. Print transparencies, stack up three slide projectors with the taking filters on them.... Sounds like fun.





-- J.S.

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Yeah, def the blue-green Orthographic with no antihilation back is going to be tricky..


5222 is Panachromatic so that could work for both the Green and Red Record correct? so its really the blue record thats the first issue.. ok second cause we still need a Camera..


Could you do a special run of 5222 and just not put Red and Green sensitive crystals in and leave off the Backing..


Maybe Kodak will do a special run if I commit to a large enough Purchase..


The other issue is going to be the printing.. Cause dont you have to inject each CMY color dye for each RGB neg.. then contact each print onto a "Base Print?"..


Maybe this is something the DI can come in for..


(Lets assume I have the appropriate Blue record stock)


Scan each RGB record.. apply appropriate CMY to each in the DI then overlay at 33% transparency in the edit, then tweak?

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Kodak sold a still photo imbibition color set as late as 1980, never found a source.

I owned a pair of blue 3 strip coaxial 35mm Technicolor 100foot? magazines for years, lost them to a forest fire in 1999.

Most of the original "blue box"'s were converted to Disney "green screen" proses cameras, Paramount's VistaVison or whatever, I owned a Tecnnicolor door dolly for a while. Apex on SanFernado Road in Sun Valley may be a start.

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